October 18, 2021


In 2019, I met a lady on Twitter.
A precious soul.
She sent me a DM about some of the
life issues she had been facing in her
life and especially in her twelve years
of marriage
She had just recovered from a surgery
at the time and the doctors told her
she would be going under the knife again
for another
She said “My troubles started when I
decided to take the route of assisted
conception in order to have a child”
The doctors carried out some tests on
me and they discovered I had fibroid,
I was counseled to undergo a surgery
and I did.
After the surgery they discovered another
thing in my Fallopian tubes and another
in my ovaries and yet another in my uterus.
As soon as I was recovering from a surgery,
I was being prepared for another!
I had surgeries both in Nigeria and abroad
and yet I had no child to show for it
Some of the vital reproductive organs
had been cut away and the doctors are
now advising surrogacy claiming they
did everything they could to save my life
and it was not necessarily about me
having a baby through the normal means.
It was a death blow to me because I
sincerely believe my husband deserves to
be a father to his own children which I must
bear for him
After the discussion on surrogacy,
I noticed that my husband loved me more
(as if that was even possible but he made
it possible) but I was very sad and depressed
I knew he was only being a kind-hearted
man and that he was hurting too!
Soon after this, I realized that he had
began to entertain the attention of some
other women.
My husband is rich and quite successful,
the nature of his business required active
engagement with people and sometimes
he would be on the road attending
meetings and conferences for weeks
He was a very disciplined man, the kind of
man that didn’t double date as a bachelor.
The kind of man that wouldn’t cheat but
also a very pragmatic man who would
deal with whatever hand life dealt to him
the best way he can
I stumbled across a WhatsApp discussion
he was having with a woman and I realized
he wanted to do the surrogacy thing all by
He didn’t want it supervised by doctors and
he didn’t want me in the process
He had started selecting a mate for himself
using the usual male criteria
I pretended I didn’t see what I saw, but the
next morning, I discovered that he was having
a conversation in the bathroom with a
I went to the door of the bathroom and
listened attentively
I discovered that he was planning to meet
with the lady somewhere later that day
I naturally felt he ought to do whatever
would make him happy but somehow I
couldn’t bear it
I began to cry right at the door of the
When my husband came out of the
bathroom, he saw me broken and on my
He began to apologize but his apology was
not what I wanted
I wanted him to believe with me that I am
not a hopeless hag, I shouldn’t be so easily
discarded and tagged as barren!
I do not want to share my husband, I want
to be the one to bear children for him.
Some of the pastors and prophets who
had come to our house to pray had told
me that unless my husband had a child
or two with another woman, I will never
be pregnant but I know that was a lie!
It was not biblical to even prophecy
such to a child of God
I chased all those charlatans away but
now I am at a crossroad brother Gbenga
I told my husband to give me 2 years
grace to sort myself out with God and
recover from the physical and emotional
issues i was dealing with at the time
He agreed and canceled his plan with
this strange woman
This is why I have written to you sir!
I believe you are a man of God,
Please help me.”
I got talking with this lady and I realized
she had explored many avenues to have
a child
She had been to mountains, beaches and
several churches with all sorts of prophets
She had also been to the best hospitals
in the world!
We prayed and waited
Fresh challenges came up, strange pains
that seem to defy prayer and authority
She invited me for a prayer meeting with
her family
I went with my younger brother and the
power of the Holy Spirit moved mightily
I was sure she would get pregnant the
following month
She wasn’t
I went to God, “Lord, what is the issue here?”
The Holy Spirit said to me “Tell her to be
glad and to rejoice”
(This season was a terrible one because
this lady would call me often and she would
be weeping and wailing)
She was one of those who married as a good
girl and expected a hitch free life especially
in the area of bearing children only to be
thrown a curve ball!
It hurts especially when it seems God had
singled out one for torture when it was
I would call and encourage my sister to
cheer up and smile like Hanna
did after Eli prayed for her
In 2020, at the height of the Covid 19
pandemic, my sister and her husband
got ill
The power of the Holy Spirit preserved
After their recovery, we had a thanksgiving
service in their home
My sister said “I am happy now, I don’t
know how but after that battle for my life,
and after seeing my husband’s recovery
from sickness too, I have come to realize
that I should be more thankful and grateful
to God”
I noticed that she stopped crying after
this time
She started a new business and whenever
we had an occasion to worship
together, she would dance and dance
and dance!
On October 1, 2021 while I was ministering
at the GSWMI supernatural convention,
this sister of mine came to mind
If a womb can be shut for criticizing King
David’s dancing steps, wombs can be opened
for dancing as King David danced!
I made this decree during the service
After this service my brother came to me
and said “Sister so and so says the Holy
Spirit is nudging her to take the communion”
Referring to this lady
I said okay!
I served her the communion.
On the 16th of October, while I was on the
crusade ground at Itaogbolu, Ondo State,
I got the news!
She sent me a WhatsApp message detailing
her test result
For the first time ever after 14 years of
marriage, my sister’s pregnancy test was
Oh God!
The exact month to the day it clocked 2 years
since she asked her husband to keep the faith
and stand by her.
I usually wouldn’t share this testimony until
the baby comes.
I have several others in this category that
I have not shared but this particular testimony
has been like fire in my bones
I was practically sharing it in my sleep because
I woke up with it on my lips!
I am very confident that these babies will be
carried to term
I am equally confident that many people on
my timeline will read this and become pregnant
This testimony is an activation testimony, it
will stir life in the bosom and loins of many
by the power of the Holy Spirit.
I ask “waiting” mothers and fathers to please
be patient and hold on to the promise of God.
None indeed shall be barren in Zion!

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