The GSWMI Phillipines Church Building Project Report

October 24, 2021


I have been asked by many people (believers) how to become supernaturally blessed
Some believe this happens when they give to pastors who claim they should come and sow seed and all
That never worked for me as a believer. I remember sowing seed of whole month’s pay
several times and remaining poor for several years
I once gave a pastor a bag of rice and I felt I had just been robbed, the feeling was so bad that I went to take my bag of rice down from his car and I took it back home
I know supernatural blessing is real but how do I access it
I went to the book of Genesis and over and over I discovered that those who built altars (a place of worship) to the Lord are uniquely acknowledged both in God’s book and in supernatural blessings.
The patriarchs were all altar builders and they prospered the exceedingly!
While I have nothing against those who give to pastors (seed, offering etc) as led by the Holy Spirit.
I have always taught against people falling for sweet talking folks whose agenda was to rob them of their income. If it is not by the Spirit, please don’t do it! We are to be
by the Holy Spirit in all things.
This project that we are doing at the Philippines is an excuse for me to raise Supernaturally blessed believers.
This is what I do for the Kingdom of Jesus
I support widows, missionaries, orphans, the helpless and yes I build churches in rural
and unchurched locations
I have done this in several communities in Nigeria and this is the first we are doing outside of Nigeria
It will be completed in a few days
I am asking those nudged or touched by the Holy Spirit to please reach out and build this church with us. I am not
begging for help, I am asking those who have been called to raise the banner of Jesus in this capacity to report for duty
Kindly send me a DM or a message on WhatsApp 08072744871.
Remember this is a call for duty, I am sure the Nehemiahs will respond.
God bless you
The community where the church we are building in the Philippines is very rural. Earlier today the truck bearing cement from the city to this village got stuck on the bad road
I got a call from Rosalyn about the situation, she was very frantic because the weather has changed and
she didn’t want the rain to destroy the building supplies.
I told her not to worry, help will come from the village where the church is being built.
I was quite confident that the elements of this world must bow to the realities of the children of obedience.
What we had embarked upon as a goodwill project for the community is as a result of a divine instruction.
I have worked in ministry at one capacity or the other for several years, the Philippines would be the last place on the earth I’d site a project for the gospel if I was to go by the flesh!


The Holy Spirit told me to expect a call from abroad and I announced it to my team.
I was expecting some big shot to call and say “We have seen the good work you are doing and the Holy Spirit has asked that we support you with a lot of dollars” but what I got was a call for help
If indeed God instructed that we do the project, all of nature and science must must align!
A few minutes later, a group of people came out of nowhere and everybody got to work
They off loaded the cement, the sand, and other materials and carried them to the site of the project with joy.
Once this was done, she called again and said “Pastor (I don’t know how to stop her from calling me that) we don’t want it to rain so that work can go on at the site
I said “Okay, let us agree that there will be no rain for the next ten days!”
She said “ Pastor, we are on an island, rain falls here at least every two days
I said “Okay, but has it rained till you started the project seven days ago?”
She said no.
I told her I have asked the Lord to give them a fair weather on the Island until our 30 days window for construction is complete.
She said “Hmmmm”
We prayed and immediately the sky was clear and there was no rain
The work went on and Sanballat and Tobias couldn’t constitute an hindrance
The challenge they have now is the road
Rosalyn said they would have to use a boat to bring in the other materials as from tomorrow.
I told her we will get the project done speedily and there shall be no delay.
Again I am asking believers to support us with this project.
We are building this church for this community and we will hand it over to them 100%
We are not building in order to get them to
remit money to us or enslave them into a certain doctrine
They are believers located in a rural area in the Philippines who prayed and got a leading to approach us for help
There is a great gain (not money doubling scheme) in serving the Lord and being a blessing to others!
Please send me a DM or a message on +2348072744871 WhatsApp if you are encouraged by the Holy Spirit to be a part of this project.
We have funded the project up to 50% and we are hoping to get them the rest of the fund within the next ten days so that the roofing and electrical works


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