March 31, 2022


It used to be an endless circle
of oppression for me. I battled dreams
and bedwetting from childhood till age 23.
My mum and I stepped into every
place possible: we slept on church mountains,
visited Babalawo (herbalists),
Alfa’s coven, and frequented white
and red garment churches.

Sometimes in the white garment church,
I attended most of their services,
their Woli (Prophet) would call me
to come out, that he had a word
of wisdom to share with me.
I will go out and the next thing
is they ask me to kneel.
The woli would start the usual line
of “an evil spirit is tormenting you,
a spirit husband is disturbing you,
this and that…”

I will be thinking I will be
prayed for me and the affliction
will be over but all they do is
ask you to bring a huge amount
of money.
What a burden!

Even after paying the money,
hoping that the so-called spirit
and all is gone, the next Sunday
another prophet will reach out
saying the same thing.
A particular one even came with a
broom to flog me.

I was like wait, Jesus no do all
this one na Abi Kini gan.??
Ha! I suffered.?

I left the church, my mum was
worried because we’ve spent almost
all our savings on casting evil Spirits
and dealing with dreams and
bedwetting at age 23.

I left Cele Church to visit Babalawo
(herbalist) because of the same problem.
But they are all the same,
no difference. Same modus operandi,
same results.
I was running in circles.
No changes at all.

I wasted money and resources
trying to be free from dreams and
a supposed spirit husband.

After a while, I visited my uncle’s place
and I told him all the story about
my visits to Cele churches and
Babalawos (Herbalists), he laughed
and I was like “This is not a
joking matter Sir..”
He introduced me to the Holy Spirit.
He made me understand my identity and
position in Christ Jesus, he filled
me up with the Holy Ghost.
And that was how everything stopped.

Now I’m Free
I have peace,
I feel loved.
I feel relaxed.
I have nothing to worry about.
Every day is a soft life for me
in my career and family.

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