Whirlwind in Sokoto

April 20, 2021


They rushed the young man into the
hospital by 11 am on a Tuesday
morning, he had a history of heart
disease which the doctors had been
managing, but that week he suddenly
developed another complication that
was not totally unforeseen but aggressive.
He had fluid all around his heart.
He grew weaker and weaker until he
was barely conscious, his family
members rushed him down to the
He was a goner!
The resident surgeon on call that
morning sprang to action immediately
The anesthesiologist was nowhere to
be found, even if he was, they didn’t
have enough time to follow protocol
to the letter
The cardiothoracic surgeon cut into
the young man’s chest as quickly as
he could to fix the source of the leak
He had barely opened the young man
up when the young man stopped
His heart stopped contracting and
he had no pulse.
The Surgeon held the young man’s
heart in his hand and began to
massage it
He wanted a reaction, sinus rhythm,
a pulse, anything but nothing came
The Head of Department, a seasoned
professional in the field watched the
scene from the observation deck just
above the theatre
There were other doctors and nurses
in the theatre too
The young man didn’t make it
The surgeon refused to consider that
possibility, he continued to massage
the heart
After almost ten minutes, his HOD
said “Call the time of death”
The surgeon stopped
The young man was in
his early twenties, he still had a long
time ahead of him if he could beat
death on that operating table
He really didn’t want to have to certify
him dead
He began to pray in the spirit under
his facemask
One of the doctors in the theatre said
“Dr, even if his heart suddenly starts
beating now, he would be a complete
Brain function has been down for
about 15 minutes”
The doctor was right
What is the point of getting a pulse
only to deliver a barely functional body
to the relatives?
It could make a little sense abroad but
in Sokoto, Nigeria?
It would be like deliberately putting a
huge burden on the family
A family that was barely surviving as
things stood
It would be the cruelest thing to do to
the young man and his relatives
And yet, the surgeon felt immersed in
the conviction that the young man was
supposed to live his life to the full
The HOD spoke again, he said “close
him up and wrap this up”
The surgeon looked at the open
heart one more time and hit it
Perhaps out of frustration or out of
He couldn’t explain why he did what
he did
He said, “He was not supposed to die!”
He was supposed to live!
And that was it!
The heart monitor blinked and blipped
It picked up the sign of life out of the
blue, the stone heart began to contract
Everybody in the theatre stood transfixed
After 45 minutes of lifelessness, the
young man was back
The other doctor said “Surely he is brain
dead by now”
The surgeon said “I can feel his pulse, I
can see his heart beating, he lives!
That is all that matters”
He was convinced the man will not be
a vegetable, he knew it as well as he
knew his own name
What happened was neither luck nor
scientific in any way
When God heals, he heals completely
The heart was closed up and the
young man was sent to the Intensive
care unit.
The following morning, the young
man opened his eyes during the ward
round by the surgeon
The surgeon paid careful attention to
him, asking him to move parts of his
body and testing that he could see,
hear and understand what was being
said to him.
It was indeed a miracle!
Not only was the young man completely
His brain function normal, the heart
disease that he had been managing
for many years was totally healed too.
The young man’s name is Abraham
He lives in Sokoto till today

PS: While we were in Sokoto last
weekend, the surgeon and his family
were among the PSSBC brethren that
welcomed us to ECWA Guest House.
He was a student of Pneuma School
of the Supernatural and Bible College
class three
I had met with him and his wife in 2019
when i traveled to Ghana
He was undergoing his residency at
the time
He is unapologetic about his Christkind
reality and in a quiet but purposeful way,
he advanced the course of the gospel
After his residency, he returned to Nigeria
with his family and shared this testimony
with us to the glory of God.
Seated at the event was another Medical
doctor whose specialization was the
treatment of cancer.
She shared with us how the Holy Spirit
ministers through her to the patients in
her care.
We all shared the reality of the manifestation
of the power of the Holy Spirit in common
We are the prolongment of the days
of Jesus upon the earth. Hallelujah
This is the season of the manifestation
of the sons of God, the whole of creation
is waiting and groaning in expectation
This is your season
If you are a born again Christian and you
are not walking on this highway of majesty
yet, please reach out to me, let us
fellowship together, and grow in the
knowledge of Christ
Mail me
@[email protected]
[email protected] or send me a message
on +2348072744871 Whatsapp
We have two schools where we train
believer to walk in the reality of the
You will be glad you did

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