Walking Away

January 19, 2022


Dont get dragged into a fight you know
nothing about out of sentiment and a
subtle blackmail
It is better to be in control of a situation
than to be the one being controlled by
the situation
If you have gotten yourself into such a
situation, it is always wise to walk away
on time
A lady came to me in tears
She said her younger sister was killed
by her husband and as a result of that
she planned to deny him the right to raise
the children lady left behind because she
was sure he was not fit to be a parent
I asked her how her sister died and she
told me the story
The man really didn’t kill the lady
Some couples quarrel all the time, this
man and his late wife fall into that category
The lady was not very healthy from birth
and the man took a gamble getting
married to her
Of course he could have been kinder
and more humane in the way he treated
She could have done better too
Many pastors and well-wishers got involved
in their marital struggle until one day the
lady fell ill and passed on
While the lady was ill, her older sister
took her children home and took care of
them because the man was working out
of state
This woman decided her sister could
have lived longer but for the incessant
disagreements she was having with her
She combed through her late sister’s
phone to gather evidence of the
misunderstandings between the couple
She really didn’t have a case, the children
ought to be raised by their father if he
desires to exercise that right
She went to police stations to report the
case and she was counseled that she
has no right to seize the man’s children
out of spite
It is true that she was hurting that her
sister was dead but her sister had
always been sick and constant disagreement
between a couple does not amount to murder,
especially since the man was out of state
when his wife died and there was no foul
play whatsoever
Out of desperation, this woman came to me.
She wanted to go supernatural on the
matter, since
legal avenues seemed like a lost cause
We had a chat and she cried very well
I felt a strong restrain on the matter but
what else do you do when you are faced
with the sight of a woman in tears?
I fell for it and told the woman I will pray
about it
Later that day she sent me a video clip of
a family meeting they had in which the
man was shouting violently after he was
told that his children will not be released
to him
When I saw that video, I paused
I realized that the man had more restrain
that I
No man or woman in this world can take
my children from me
If anybody threatens it or tries it
I will unleash unprecedented catastrophe
on such a person
I mean that!
If I was in the man’s shoes, I wouldn’t just
be shouting and getting myself videoed
I would have locked every member of that
family up without a second thought!
So i stayed action and didnt do anything
about the matter
This woman expected to see lighting, thunder,
earthquake, and tsunami by the Holy Ghost
but she saw nothing
The man had taken her to court and the
case will start in February
She went to members of the late sister’s
church seeking someone who would stand
as a witness against this man in court
Nobody responded
Not because they supported the man but
because they knew the marriage was tough
and both parties played their part in that
She reached out to pastors from three
denominations who had helped the couple
settle their quarrels at different times
None of them saw the case as worthy of
their time and attention
The counsel was, “Release the man’s
children to him, he is their father.
If he doesn’t love them, he wouldn’t be
fighting tooth and nail to get them back
right now”
So again this woman reached out to me
asking me to come and be a witness in
court when the case starts in February
Brother Gbenga, how can I be a witness
when I didn’t witness anything
What would I say?
Is that not what they call hearsay?
Like going there to report what the
woman told me or just appearing in court
to slander a man who I bear no grudge
I told the woman I cannot be a witness
She asked me if I think she was lying
when she told me the man didn’t treat
his late sister as well as he should have
I said I cannot be a witness because
i am not a witness
She felt very disappointed about my
stance but I cannot allow her to put
me in a situation of compromise because
of her feelings and her personal sense
of judgment or vengeance
I had to walk away.
I am writing this to you Brother Gbenga
to find out if you think
I did the right thing
If it can be a blessing to people on your
timeline and websites, I will like to know
their opinion too
Above all, I felt a burden lift when I
decided to share this with you
Couples need to do better in their
marriages and family members need
to stop blaming spouses for the death
of their relative without a shred of
If he was the one that died, we would
have done everything to protect his
wife and we wouldn’t separate her from
her children
It was too convenient to deny him the
right to his children because you are

Pastor Emmanuel A.

PS: I read this and i felt we will learn one
or two things from it


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