Walk Away

January 17, 2021


Rather than cheat on your spouse,
the honourable thing to do is quit
the marriage or relationship
I know many people would rather
want to eat their cake and have it,
in principle, people who do that are
Either you are the husband or the
wife, you have a duty to yourself to
stay faithful to your spouse regardless
of the circumstances or the situation
you find yourself in
If the situation is such that you cannot
cope with the relationship, the best
thing to do is walk out and stay out.
A lady came to my office claiming her
husband was a two minute man and
the lack of sexual satisfaction had
almost driven her into the street in
search of a lover
She hadn’t done anything yet…
She was just considering it because
of the frustration the quick ejaculation
issue the husband has was causing her
She made sure she dragged her
husband to my office too
She had been talking to him about it
and she really wanted him to take her
serious on the issue so that they can
address it
Her husband didn’t form
He acknowledged that he had a
challenge and had tried so much to
address it to no avail
They have a daughter and the
husband was willing to do anything
to keep his home
His openness and sincerity impressed
Many men do not like to talk about
their sexuality or deficiency in that area
because they assume it belittles them
He was not like most men
I asked him a salient question that day
I said if he were to lose an arm or a leg
and he had the means to get a prosthetics
part to replace that which he lost to an
accident, would he do it?
He said yes
He said it might not be the same thing
but he would try to live his life as
comfortably as possible
I loved his answer and I went on to
explain to him what i believe the two
of them could do to handle the sexual
frustration and satisfy his wife
He said to me afterward “I don’t believe
a man of God can be so practical and
I laughed and prayed with the two of
The wife got pregnant again
a few weeks later (She never had
issues with conceiving, only that he
delivers the payload too early and
leaves her gnashing her teeth.
For that reason, she shut the factory
while he worked on getting better
but after the counsel the factory was
That is how couples work out issues
When i see some of the readers of reading some
stories and commenting that sexually
frustrated women would most likely
start cheating, i cringe.
Cheating is always an option but not
to the honourable of godly
Rather than cheat, quit!
I hate the idea of pretending to be
what you are not in the name of keeping
up appearances
Many homes are like that nowadays
Wife is sleeping with other sexual
Husband is sleeping with other sexual
partners and both are wearing a ring
and pretending to fool everybody by
acting married
Lying in words is when you say things
you don’t mean to honour or know
to be untrue
Lying in action is when you are not
something and you claim to be it
A broken marriage is far better than
a sham of a marriage
The implication of unfaithfulness is
very far-reaching and dire
I have seen on over twenty occasions
how the implication of unfaithful
marriages hit some people and drained
life out of them
A man recently found out his children
belonged to his uncle (his father’s
younger brother)
The uncle died and wrote it boldly in
his will
This was a nineteen years old marriage
His wife had always maintained she was
faithful even when he suspected
something could have transpired
between her and his uncle
He had to take everything in faith
He died a month after the reading of
the will
He died at the age of forty-eight
He was a lecturer and a broken man
The children hated their mother
They also found out the truth the
wrong way and blamed their mother
for putting them in that situation
without preparing them for it
Their mother denied it, told them
the uncle was a bitter man who was
lying from the grave in order to destroy
their lives
The children decided to conduct a
paternity test to find out the truth
The woman ran to the office of the
Brother in Jeans and T-shirt
She wanted the Holy Spirit to intervene
and change the children’s DNA to their
biological father’s DNA so that she
wont have to face the consequences
A consequence she should have faced
right at the beginning by walking out
of the marriage or refusing to cheat
She was still looking for the path of
the least pain
Being a cheat is a NO!
If you’re reading this and you’re already
cheating on your spouse, I am glad to
announce to you that you will not get
away with it Unfaithfulness breeds
contempt and mistrust
Unfaithful spouses end up begging
to be loved and respected even by
their own children
Their end always felt like the end of
When you get to a point when your
children are working very hard not
to be like you…
It is best to do the right thing at the
right time.
If you have come to dislike or disdain
your partner to the point where you
can cheat on him or her, you should
just call a meeting and say
“Enough is enough”
To stay married while you continue to
cheat says a lot about the kind of
person you are. I met a young man
who caught his girlfriend red-handed
while cheating on him
Everybody said “If i am in your shoes,
i will cheat back”
He said “Her wrongdoing cannot
compel me to act wrongly.
I will not be motivated to act simply
because she did!”
That young man won my respect for life
I have equally met ladies and guys
who said “I cheated on him/her
because he cheated on me first”
I found that excuse to be dumb
You could have just walked away rather
than become into a slime pit
Finally, there was a guy called Diran
who caught his babe cheating and
decided to cheat back
This happened in Ibadan when i
was a teenager
Unfortunately for him, the lady he
got to cheat with was the fourth wife
of a herbalist
He hit something called “Magun”
That thunderbolt cut short his life
If he was wise enough to see beyond
the pain of being cheated on to the
point where he realized that the
cheat was actually the biggest loser,
he would still be alive now and most
probably have a family of his own
and a wonderful life
When you hear married men and
women acting as if cheating is the
way out of a frustrating marriage,
just tell yourself you are hearing
voices from the open grave
Unfaithful spouses are death traps
The dangers lurking in between their
legs are deeper than sheol
Marriage is honourable
Being a cheat is shameful!


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