Vox Populi

January 12, 2022


I contested for the post of president
of my department when I was in 200 level
I knew I might not win, but I didn’t do it
in order to win, I did it to make a statement
Nerds were supposed to be glued to their
books and not be moved by other things
going on in the society
That was the norm
I was a first-class student and yes a
bookworm but I was also by far the most
popular student on campus at the time
I was organizing tutorials in my own free
time and I was a campus fellowship
I also believe at that time and I still do
that there were no better candidates
for that office at the time
The 300 level students protested, they
knew I would win and they decided they
will not take my insolence lying down
They went to meet the staff advisor for
our department and protested to him
He saw reason with them and called
me for a meeting
He told me to drop my ambition
He said he would make life difficult for me
if I went ahead and contested in the election,
especially if I win
He said “Has your script been missing before”
I said “No sir”
He said “You May suddenly discover that
your scripts, especially for my course,
may get lost mysteriously”
He meant it even though he said what he
said jokingly
I regard this lecturer quite highly, even till
Even though I felt it was unjust, I dropped
my ambition
A day to the election, I withdrew from my
candidacy after the election debate
I still won on Election Day, even though
all the votes cast for me were considered
to be null and void
Students in 100 and 200 level voted for
me massively
(I had been taking them tutorials and
I was very popular among them)
The 300 level guys had three students
contesting and the vote of the class
was split in three
So they couldn’t win the popular vote
The guy that won had only 76 votes out
of 535 votes
As I suspected, he was president only
in name
He did nothing tangible during his tenure
I wasn’t voted into any office because it
was too late to contest for any other post
This lecturer invited me to his office and
said “I’d like you to help the editorial team run
and also the department, I know you can
do it but you must trust me when I say to
you that getting you elected over the
guys in 300 level was not the right thing
to do”
I said okay and I did my best in the
background to ensure the department
woke up from its slumber
We had the best editorial team that year
I got to 300 level and I expected that I’d
be the president this time around
I had edited, written articles, helped many
students from our department to be better
in both their studies and in life
I was being considered for the role of the
President of the student body at large
When election time came, this same
lecturer called me to his office and
said NO!
Don’t even contest, you’re better off in the
I ended up not contesting, this time a lady
from 200 level won the election!
She now works with UBA and she is a
You have to consider my pondering at
that time
When i contested in 200 level, they revolted
but they gave it to a 200 level right after that!
I graduated!
I joined a church and after some time they
started electing their youth executives
I threw my hat in the ring unopposed
A lady I was dating at the time, the daughter
of the pastor of the church went to talk to
another brother
She encouraged him to contest against me
and he did
He won the election (she campaigned for
him vigorously)
Again I lost out!
She later told me she was not convinced
I’d be a good president
The irony was this guy that was voted for
didn’t do anything at all.
The pastor of the church, after waiting
for the youth to come up with a programme
for six months, came to church one day
and called me to the podium
She said she is announcing to the church
that I am the Pastor I charge of the
youth church!
After the announcement, she invited me
to her office and said “Please rally the
youth and lead them” (but they have a
president, I protested)
She said he is just a figurehead!
Again, I had to assume the role of
leadership over a people who didn’t
vote for me
I did the best I could and till today
that church regards me not only as
the pioneer youth pastor but also as
the pioneer youth president.
Why was it that I was unelectable but
it was easier for
People to follow my lead after elections?
You have to understand that I really
wanted to be the president on both
occasions but somehow people or
the powers that be didn’t allow it to be
I asked the lady I was dating the
same question and she said “power
corrupts, it will get into your head and
you may become uncontrollable especially
because you are anointed”
She was wrong
I didn’t tell her that but I understood!
We want to have control over our leaders
and if we perceive them to be strong-willed
in any way we are scared they will not
listen to us
I have led a church, fellowship and many
groups as the head since then and I didn’t
exhibit the traits they were scared would
be my undoing!
Competence, vision, antecedent and track
records are important in choosing a leader
Having control over a person is not enough
reason to derail him or her from his/her
We all want to control someone we call
a leader
You will hear people say “he doesn’t have
a listening ear”
What they really mean is “I want him to
do my will but I think he will not”
If a leader is doing your will, it means
you’re the one leading!”
A true leader will consider the pros and
cons of all counsel and do what is best
for all.


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