Value over Money

January 10, 2022


I shared a testimony with my driver
today, I believe some of us may also
learn from it

GSW in 2009 at The Arkbearer’s Event

When i was 29, I was made a youth
pastor in the parish I was attending
The youth church organized an event
but i made the mistake of not following
protocol or informing the main pastor about
this event
I can sometimes be spontaneous
especially if the Holy Spirit gave me an
instruction, i keep it close to my chest
and ensure that Naysayers do not get
a wind of it until it becomes a force that
nobody can toy with
The programme was a worship and
healing service, we needed to rehearse
for the former and we expect that if we
delivered as led by the spirit the latter
will happen
I gathered the youth, we started rehearsing,
one of the ministers heard and told the
church pianist not to join us anymore since
we are the youth and the guy was being
paid to minister for the main church
We needed a keyboardist badly for the
programme to be a success
Someone told me about a young man
living in Ketu-Alapere, a banker who
knows how to play the keyboard very well
I approached this brother and explained
our dilemma
He decided to help us out
We got ready and informed the church, the
same minister that withdrew the pianist
protested but the church leadership
overruled him after instructing me on the
necessity of following protocol
Truth be told, this minister had prepared
(fasted and prayed to
lead the anointing service that day when
the youth came in wearing uniform t-shirts
and Jeans asking to be given the opportunity
to lead the service
(In that regard i admit that i was wrong)
We were handed the microphone and we
had a glorious service with a lot of glorious
One of the beneficiaries of the meeting was
a sister (on twitter and an ardent follower)
who was diagnosed with ovarian cyst and
had been unable to conceive for nine years
Her child will be thirteen years old in
August 2022.
She came to church for that worship
service and the power of the Holy Spirit
melted the cyst
We had other great miracles too
(God didn’t mind that we didn’t follow
protocol or that the minister that was
supposed to minister that day was fuming
throughout the service)
He honoured our worship and His glory
took over
After the service, the youth team disbanded
Those going to school went, some got
married, others got employed and everybody
moved on from glory to glory
In 2020 I was driving out of the RCCG
camp when i saw the keyboardist that
supported us without collecting a penny
in 2009
He had lost his banking job and was
operating a POS business right by the
main gate
I alighted from the car and we embraced,
i was really grateful for what he did for us
He told me he had lost his job and as a r
esult of trying to make ends meet now
operates a POS business
I offered to get him another job
He said “At what age?”
(He is about 45 years old) and it wasn’t
as if i had a job at hand
I was going to make calls and perhaps
get somebody to employ him if possible
He told me the POS business is fine as
long as he has good patronage
every day
I said “OK”
From that day i go to him every time i
needed to make a cash withdrawal
He charges 7,000 naira for every
100,000 naira
My driver saw this as unwise but he
didn’t say so until we were going for a
ministration and i told this brother we
needed 1 million naira cash for the journey
I could have walked into any bank but
i refused to
This brother ran around until he gathered
the cash and he charged me 100,000 Naira
extra for his troubles
Earlier today, my driver said “Sir, I will like
to say something, please dont take offense”
I said “Okay sir”
Then he said
This man by the gate that you do POS
business with, do you know how much he
is charging you? Because if it is about the
queue at the bank, i can volunteer to go
and be getting the cash for you”
I looked at my driver and smiled, i said
“Have you ever seen me queuing in a bank?”
He said “No sir, that is why I am wondering
whether you don’t want people to be
seeing you or maybe going to the bank
is too stressful for you but this guy is
collecting too much money on this POS
I told him the story of how this same
guy came through for my team when he
didn’t have to and why i am patronizing
him today because of that
My driver said “Wow, he is a good man.
Thank you sir”
Now this is the icing on the cake, when
we got to this POS guy today, he ran to
my car and said “My brother,
God bless you sir. that business you
gave me in December came as a miracle
My mother was in the hospital and i
needed to pay her bills.
I prayed earnestly that day that God
should wipe away my shame and
provide the fund because i didn’t
have much on me
Then you came and said you wanted
me to get you such an amount and that i
free to charge you at my own rate
You saved my mother’s life sir.
Since that day i have been thinking you
won’t patronize me again because of
the charges but you’re here today again.
Thank you my brother, i know you’re
doing this for love”
When we got home, my driver said
“Sir, I am learning new things everyday.
I didn’t see patronizing him as helping
him, i thought he was cheating you.
Thank you sir”
That statement made my day
Money is nothing apart from the value
it gives, I was taught that by the
Holy Spirit four years ago.
He taught me to look at the value of
an act and not at the amount of money
itself and this principle would baffle
many but it has worked for me gloriously.
Blessed be God

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