Uterus Touched

August 3, 2021


Brother Gbenga, My baby was declared dead
in the womb three days ago at 8 months and
three days old
The doctors advised that we evacuate immediately
My husband was in Akure and I didn’t want to
do anything in his absence so I told the doctor
i will wait until he comes back home
When he came back home, it was late
I was lying on the couch and crying
He sat down on the rug and started
crying too
This will be the third time this is happening
in six years
We were advised to wait for two more weeks
and bring the baby out through a CS
I didn’t want to risk getting to the eighth
month at all because of our past experiences
I was told i cannot carry a baby to term
because i have a Unicornuate uterus
The other babies were terminated at six
months and another at six months and
two weeks
This one was the longest and out doctor
was checking me every week to be sure
it is fine
We had spent a lot of money
I saw the link on Twitter at 9 pm and joined
I just wanted to while away time and listen
to prophecy hour
At a point you said the baby inside somebody
is alive now and i felt cold and numb
immediately, as if a drape suddenly covered me
Then my baby kicked
I couldn’t believe it
He kicked again
I called my husband to come and touch my womb
He did and the kicking continued
We went to the hospital and the baby was alive
Heart rate and all
I delivered the baby through CS this morning
He is totally healthy and didnt even require
an incubator
The doctor was as shocked as we are
All the nurses gave him names
Brother Gbenga, Thank you sir

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