Unlocking Secrets

February 2, 2022


A couple came to the Abuja hangout yesterday,
the lady spoke for the guy.
She said he had applied for
visa several times without any success,
she said he is very intelligent and
has great potential but his life has
been stagnant. She said she met
him at a library and they
had a very deep discussion. She
said she was blown away by
his depth and knowledge. The guy
was quiet. He didn’t say a word,
he was just looking at me.
I also listened very silently as
the lady stated that she wanted
him to prosper and measure up in life.
I turned to the guy, smiled,
and said “You’re sleeping with her,
even though you know she is married
with three children. One of the
children is even yours and you
are aware of this. You are also
friends with her husband, not a close
friend but he knows who you are
and you are acquaintances. The guy
sat there. The lady held her lips.
I kept quiet. Then she spoke
“I don’t love my husband, I was
practically forced to marry him because
of the pressure mounted on me
by my family, after I graduated
from the university. My husband is
not my soulmate, he is too
lethargic and unwise in many ways.

I am tired of the marriage
and I am planning to leave.
It is just that things have not
worked out as I planned.
My boyfriend knows everything, we have
planned that once he travels, I will do the
needful and the burden of guilt and
deception on me can be lifted.”
By this time she was in tears.
I told her not to cry. I understand
I felt her pain. It would have
been such a burden indeed, cheating on
your unloved husband, bearing the child
of another for him, and trying to
find a way of escape. I turned
to the “boyfriend” and said “You’re
with her now because she is making
some money and helping you to survive here
in Abuja. You don’t plan to
marry her or elope with her
as she is hoping. You are not
even interested in your child that
she was raising in the name of
another man. You don’t really love
her like that, she is just a
means to an end for you.

The guy replied, “That is not true,
I told her to abort that pregnancy.
I am five years younger than
she is and I don’t believe I
should have everything figured out yet
She is the one in a hurry,
trying to build a plan of escape
through me so that she can
leave her miserable marriage. I cannot
tell if I love her or not,
I am a freethinker and love
is not really a big deal to me.
She knows this but every time
I try to tell her what I
think about the whole thing, she
will start crying and somehow make
it seems like I am being
an ingrate.
I looked at the lady.
I looked at the “boyfriend”.

The lady was not shocked by her “boyfriend’s”
outburst. She has heard it before.
She turned to me, Sir, even if I cannot
be with him or whatever
the plan was, can you please
pray for him? I want him
to be successful in life. He
deserves better than the deal he has
gotten at the moment. I sat there,
silently brooding for a few seconds.

They looked at each other and decided
it was time to leave. I saw
the non-verbal communication.
The guy stood up. The lady followed suit.
They left. I didn’t say a word!
I was silently happy that they
decided to leave.

This morning, at 6:45 AM. We were
having an online service. I saw a
phone call. I didn’t pick. The phone
rang several times, I left it.
Then I got a message. It was
the lady’s husband. He said they
are at the hotel I was lodged in.
They wanted to see me. I went
down to see them by 7:05 AM.
The lady’s face was all puffed up.
She had been crying all night.
She had told her husband the
whole truth and still, the tears
will not stop flowing. Her husband
was the one that suggested that
they come and see me before
I left the hotel.

They had their children and the
house help in the car. The children
had been prepared for school.
I told them to go and drop the
children in school and then come
back so that we can talk.
They came back after an hour.
She was still crying, wailing as if
somebody died! Her husband said,
“I have forgiven her and I told
her I will not make an issue
over the child but she still will
not stop crying. I don’t know
what to do sir”. I started laughing,
I told him she was not
crying out of remorse.
Her heart had been broken!
The “boyfriend” had dumped her

When I said that she sat down
and began to wail even more
She said “He is an ingrate,
after everything, I did for him,
he told me it was over when
we left here. I tried to beg him,
he threw the key to the car
I bought him at me and
blocked me. Brother Gbenga, I have
invested so much in this guy.
I can’t believe he will be so
selfish. Her husband wasn’t offended,
not even a little. That made me
suspect him a bit. So I said
“Has she done this before?
You don’t look surprised in any way?”
He said “This is her third lover,
I know she is restless. Her father
is a Reverend.

When I told him everything she
was doing the first time. He gave
me two plots of land and said
“If you keep this family together,
I will make sure you lack nothing.
I considered my option and decided to
honor that agreement. I have a house
with my name on the title deed
and I have children from her.
Her father sends me cash gifts often
for my inconvenience. So I don’t think
it is a big deal sir”. She stopped
crying at that point.
She said, “My father does what?”
The husband laughed and said
“He is doing it for you.
He said he doesn’t want any scandal”
She asked, “Where is this house?”
Her husband named the city. The wife
said “No wonder you travel there often”
Her husband said, “I go there to
check on the tenants and the
state of the property”.I laughed
because I suddenly got it. I said
“You have a wife there and children”.
Her husband kept quiet.

The lady glared at him. He still
didn’t say anything. I said, “I have
to go and prepare for my flight,
Is there anything else I can do
for you?” The lady said “Please
help me beg my husband to
forgive me, make him promise that he
wouldn’t do anything stupid”
I turned to her and said “Were
you not listening to him? He wouldn’t!”
The husband said “I promise, I wouldn’t”
The lady kept quiet. Then she said,
“Can you pray for us?”.I said
“Okay”. I prayed for them and they left
When I got to my room I started considering
how the whole issue played out!


The Holy Spirit is a revealer of
thoughts, motives, intents, and secrets
of the heart. Never in a million years
would I have been able to see
beyond the facade presented yesterday
except by the Holy Spirit.

PS: This Holy Spirit is my father,
my comforter, and my helper.

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