Unlimited Source

September 5, 2021


In 2018, a widow gave me a call.
She said “Sir, I want to give you a house,
you can live in it, sell it or rent it out!”
The call came in by 5:30 am, the Holy
Spirit said to me, “She needs help” so
I waited till 9 am and called her
I said, “The Holy Spirit said you needed help”.
She said “Yes, I won the house from the state
government and I couldn’t get a tenant so
I felt the Lord wanted me to sow the house
as a seed
I said No!
The Lord wanted me to help you put the
house in shape and get you a tenant.
You need the money
(I was earning 60k salary at this
Time and I was living in a rented apartment
(I could have seen it as a breakthrough of
sorts but I know the Word and I am full of
the Holy Ghost)
Why would I lose that advantage over
someone’s misguided seed sowing mindset
due to one pastor’s wrong teaching!
Within a month the House was in shape and
she got a tenant.
In 2019, I was offered a house in Ikoyi by a
very wealthy man whose junkie daughter
was restored to her senses after 6 years
I didn’t take it
I told the dear old man who had cut off
this lady out of his will because she traveled
And became a junkie instead of studying to
give that property to this cured lady
(She was going to France to study Fashion
or whatever after she got well) but the
man had given the other children their
inheritance in their lifetime and she got
The man didn’t believe it
He didn’t say anything, just looked at me
as if I had gone bonkers!
We remained good friends however and
I still glean of his wisdom as often as I can
(He is 73 years old)
I share this to make something very clear
I was born wealthy
It is in my divine programming to be a
blessing and to give to nations
I am not one of those kennel dwelling
dogs who claim to serve Jesus just for
their belly
My teachings oppose vehemently the
ideologies of church leaders who pick
the bones of their members in the name
of anointing!
I have cut off ministers who try to do
such around me
A friend in ministry told me once that
“God will always use a man to bless you”
I totally disagree!
What works for me may not work for
other people but I have seen
(Please don’t believe me) my bank
account skipping more than once, or
shall I call it scratching?
I mean I will have 5 Naira, someone will
send me 1 Naira and the balance will
be 200 Naira!
Till this moment as I write this, I have a
functional bank account that I didn’t
open but the account just showed up
on my mobile app and it wasn’t empty!
(Please mark this as a lie)
I took a loan of 10 million Naira once to
buy something for God.
I took the loan in July 2021 after our trip
to Benin and I noticed the ministry
needed something to ease our travels.
I paid 1Million out of the loan in July!
When I went back in August, I was
told the loan had been cleared!
Totally paid.
I told only two people about the loan
when I took it and neither of them paid it.
I have bought 5 plots of land that grew
into 6 plots upon measurement before
I am not saying this to get members o
Please note that I am not a pastor and
I don’t have a church
I am a teacher and I teach believers
supernatural reality!
I support the work of the gospel at every
level all over the world
Before you cry foul, know this, I met a
man once, an occultist who told me
whenever he needed money, he would say
some thing to Djinns and they will bring
money to his room
Not little money and sometimes he will
keep money in the same place and the
money will disappear with the bag overnight
This man is in Lagos Nigeria, we are age
mates and he is in line to become an
oba in a few years
His wife was the one that dragged him
to me
when she felt he would be going to hell
due to his association with evil spirits
He lives in Ikosi-Ketu, Lagos state
I know him very well
When he told me his story and reality and
I confirmed it to be true I was troubled!
How can the devil move material money
supernaturally and believers couldn’t even
believe that their sins had been forgiven!
I remember how disoriented I was that day
I was driving an old car and working very
hard and this guy just gambles/sits in a
beer parlour all day and was never in lack!
Of course, he could barely sleep at night
And he confessed that he would sometimes
meet or see strange beings asking him to
give them money or water and other stuff
That is to be expected but spiritually, he
knew something that trumped everything
I knew!
I couldn’t reconcile the devil doing that
with a fetish man while my own Holy Spirit
is powerless to elevate me financially
I remember praying earnestly after this
I wanted the Holy Spirit to explain to me
why I languished in lack while someone
who was deep in the demonic had so
much money to spend
This guy told me he would sometimes be
sleeping and he will see
A number or see the result of the football
matches for the weekend.
He would quickly run to play the bet he
saw and he would be swimming in a lot
of money overnight
How come?
It is true that the Bible said we shouldn’t
envy the wicked their gains (I was not envious)
please read what I am writing.
When Moses met Jannes and Jambres in
the court of Pharaoh, the miracles he worked
and the magic they did were similar at the
beginning but it was Moses that had the
upper hand!
That makes sense…
In my case the occulting guy had something
I never had and couldn’t I am writing.
When Moses met Jannes and Jambres in
the court of Pharaoh, the miracles he worked
and the magic they did were similar at the
beginning but it was Moses that had the
upper hand!
That makes sense…
In my case the occulting guy had something
I never had and couldn’t even beat!
I didn’t like that!
So I insisted on pressing the Holy Spirit in
that direction and one day, I broke through
I was invited to a wedding in Ikeja, local govt,
I asked my wife to loan me some money for
fuel (I was living at Ketu-Ikosi)
She said she will transfer them
fund to me
I left home at 9, got to the LG and was told I
have to pay five hundred for parking
I didn’t have a dime on me
I started calling my wife but she had been
called in at the office to read the news and
she was on set so she couldn’t pick!
The ministers that had promised
to come from our church said “Sorry, we can
no longer come”
I was stranded.
I walked to the ATM praying in tongues
I inserted the card and money came forth
Ten thousand Naira
I didn’t have a dime in the bank
I hurried to my car, paid for the parking and
sat down I started looking for an envelope
where I can put 5k for the couple!
I placed the 10k of 500 naira notes on the
passenger seat in front.
I got the envelope and wanted to count 5k
when I saw that one of the notes had
changed to 50£!
I gave the couple the 50£
I kept my 9,500 Naira
I was faxed all day
After the wedding I drove to the bank to
check my balance and I still had over 60k
in that bank account!
That was not the last time
I usually don’t talk about this in public
because it will garner jeers and sneers
but I know there is one guy or lady
reading this!
You will be nudged by the spirit in the
right direction and you will crack this
spiritual portal wider than I have
How then can I want anything from people?
I am the one with the unlimited source
Therefore I give and I do so generously!

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