Understanding Temptation

April 12, 2022


One time in Children’s Church
I was teaching 5-7-year-olds
on the Temptation of Jesus.
I asked the kids if they had
ever been tempted and to
tell me what it meant to
be tempted.

They all chorused yes to
being tempted, but it was their
definition of temptation that I
found interesting.

Consensus definition:
“Temptation is when your mummy
puts a box of sweets on the table,
tells you not to touch, but
the devil tells you to take it”.
I asked if they’d take it and
they laughed.

As simple as that definition was,
I liked it. I wanted them to
understand that temptation comes
from our desires

So I asked them, what if
the box of sweets was replaced
with bitter leaves, would the devil
ask them to take it as they
claimed, and if he did, would
they take it?

They all giggled and chorused “Nooo!”

I asked why, and they responded
“Because we don’t like it. ?

James 1:14 tells us – “Temptation
comes from our own desires, which
entice us and drag us away.” NLT

When we don’t yield our desires
to the Holy Spirit, we get enticed
and let our let flesh dominate us.

Paul admonishes us in Gal 5:16
to walk in the Spirit so as not
to fulfill the desires of the flesh.

As we spend time in fellowship
with the Holy Spirit and the Word,
Our desire for things that don’t
glorify Him starts to fade and
we find ourselves yielding
more to Him.

Sooo…Yet another reminder today
that more than you could ever
desire, the Holy Spirit wants to
have a relationship with you.

And He really likes you ☺️

Abba loves you!!
Live loved!! ❤️

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