July 13, 2021


The Sea and The Tourist

The beings with names on their forehead, sounds weird right? The name glows in changing colours every time they mention the name of the One who is seated on the throne. They are the guides of the Land and the sea. They touch your shoulder and your forehead and then you understand their language and suddenly find yourself able to read their thoughts? Or know their minds? Anyway, they put their intention or instruction in your mind and you just know.
There is still a higher place above them and a lower place beneath them. Where they are is sort of a gateway, and especially for those of us who are out here on excursion…
I couldn’t tell how we arrived there? Did we fly or walk or left in a shape or form and arrived in another? I can’t remember but we were all in that white/light uniform. There are angels among us too, I don’t know why but I am sure they weren’t there to learn like the rest of us. We walked to the sea and we saw! Glory!
The sea was like glass, it was not a troubled and roaring sea. It was very clear, so from everywhere in that realm, when you look into the sea you can see the throne, the 24 elders, the beings with eyes, the angels and all the glory of heaven. Like a reflection! That way you can see without actually seeing and look without actually looking! The throne and all the activities around it were clear! It’s like watching a humongous television set made of water! Calm water made of glass and crystal! The beings with the names written on their forehead asked if anyone wanted to get in the water. I raised my hand! The group members looked at me and laughed. Seems I am a bit popular in class. Nice! The being took my hand and we walked into the water, funny enough, it wasn’t ruffled and we didn’t get wet. Once we were submerged the most wonderful thing happened! Music!!!! That was the place where music came from! The music that seemed to have been woven into the fabric and atmosphere of that realm. The The river was overflowing within my heart but not outside! I cannot explain this properly in English but it’s like you’re filled to busting and yet you are not filled with water or drenched! It is a feeling of glory within glory! The music was singing of the glory of the eternal one, the one whose name was named upon all things. The closer we got to the point where many rivers flowed into the sea, the closer my sight became! I saw the pulsating reality of all creation, the very essence of all life throbbing through the core of this team in all His glory! The realms above and the ones beneath were keyed to this glorious throne!
Indescribable in all its majesty, constantly evolving in glory! The sight was better, the light pored through my bones! I screamed in awe and I woke up!

The Classes and Excursions

Sometimes the meetings will hold in a church building, you will see the walls and the seats and the altar but not the name or denomination of the church. You will walk in and find others waiting there for you to join them. Then the classes will commence
Sometimes it will be an examination hall, you will walk in and find yourself seating with a piece of paper and a pen and all getting set to write an exam, and sometimes, weirdly, it will be in the firmament! (No, I am not kidding you) The first time i went here, I remember gritting my teeth, and holding on to the leg of the angel instructing us as we fly. (If you laugh at me…) For sure, I was not scared. You’re not scared in that realm, I just happen to know you don’t get fearful or find yourself in a panic mode like some of us do on this side. The problem with the flying thing was simple, I was trained from childhood by religion that only witches fly! I have seen and climbed stairways into realms but fly! No way! In the book of Revelation, the angel told John to “Come up higher” not “fly up higher”. I often will find myself searching my mind for scriptures that could explain the flying phenomenon but the more I look the more I see words like “Taken up” or “ascended” or “Behold, I see”… I wasn’t very comfortable with it. So I will grab the instructor every time we have to fly, that way I can say I was taken there and not I flew there.
The instructors never made an issue of it, until the day i was taken to the mountain of the golden eagles. The mountain was quite tall and we had to climb it to a point into the firmament. Then the angel said “We fly from here”
I wanted to grab him and he said “Who are these that fly along like clouds, like doves into their nests. Surely the islands look to me, in the lead are the ship of Tarshish bringing your children from afar with silver and gold to honour the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, for He has endowed you with splendour….”
I knew he was quoting the scripture but I couldn’t remember which part. Then he said “You will be bringing many here soon, you must learn to trust the spirit and guide them into their inheritance in all things”
I nodded and we soared until we got to the peak of the mountain. When we landed he said, “Look”. I did and I saw eagles, White eagles with golden sashes around their neck to their chests. He said, “What do you see?” I said “Eagles sir” Then he said the most baffling thing. He said these are your ministering spirits, angels of the Lord your God sent to work with you in building his church. You see them as eagles because you have this been trained through the conditioning of your mind. They as angels such as I am but I serve from above while they serve above from your realm” I said okay sir.
I am sharing this because it is time for those excursions into the realm of the spirit, I know the time is now. As you begin to see visions and sojourn into realms in the spirit, know that you have a sure guide (The Holy Spirit) and He is ably supported by angels and teachers so that you learn quickly and supernaturally! Glory!

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