Too Long To Be Quiet

March 1, 2022


Eternity is too long to be quiet
Too far reaching to be shy
Tell the gospel of Jesus

The concept of time is too delicate
for some to weave round the rim of
their understanding
Like a hole without depth that one
cannot see through

The Zoe life is too dynamic to be ignored
Too pulsating in its workings

Sometimes I think of time
Time is beautiful when its whole thought
unravels through my beautiful mind
Somewhere in the corner of the mind of
Christ I have, I do hope for their
A million years perhaps
A billion years
Or even a trillion years?

To some, God is too good to dump them
in the dead state forever
While that part of my corner feels a
bit of tiny little spark for a lost cause
His undiluted word rings through snuffing
it out
No, it’s only one chance
And it’s here
Only here to make the decision.

It’s the love of God that constrains us
The love pushes us too when yielded to
His Spirit is at work in us.

I know, you are not even sure what
happens next
The day the cock refuses to crow
When silence rules a household full
of a thousand feet
And bodies shake and quake while tears
roll down
For the good man of the house is gone
Do you really know what is next
If you don’t, perhaps you have not
understood the concept of time yet
Gain understanding all you of
simple minds
Truly, eternity is too long to
be quiet
Too far reaching to be shy
Tell the gospel of Jesus


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