Too Good to Not Believe

March 31, 2022


The song “too good to not believe”
has me howling most times.
I am one of those people whose
experience of God after coming
into @officialGSWMI has been too good
to not believe. You will see
many of us testifying all over Twitter.
It’s okay to doubt it and
try to use logic.

But it’s my experience.
It’s our experience of the Holy Spirit.
No, I’m not saying my fellowship
is the best, I am saying the
fellowship of the Holy Spirit is best.
It doesn’t matter your church as
long as the gospel of Jesus Christ
is being preached.

I have a long list of miracles
I have had emails and documents
come forth the moment I called
them forth. School fees paid in the
nick of time from an unexpected source.
Going from being rejected by
Walmart to rejecting jobs and
working full time at a bank in
less than 8 months after getting here.

You won’t understand how it
feels to eat without worrying
about pepper because you haven’t
felt ulcer in forever, or walking
in -40 after using an inhaler for years,
and always having to bathe with
hot water, or not having migraines,
leg and waist pain.

Some of these happened Instantly,
and some after I kept insisting
on God’s word . Today I am
at the edge of a life changing
decision that will go either way ,
and all I can say is He is too
Good to not believe .
It is fine if you don’t believe
in God or miracles , if you feel
enemies are chasing you
It’s okay.

The reality I have been called
Into is one of light , freedom from
masturbation, from chronic anxiety
and worry, freedom from bitterness
and anger. Freedom from fornication
and jealousy .
A life of ease, where the
supernatural exists.

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