TongueFest 1

February 6, 2021


I have been praying to God to send
me a pastor for four weeks.
GSWMI was given a plot of land and
we also bought another at Kajola
Community, opposite RCCG camp.
The community has no church presence
and I felt it will be wise to build a church
there so that people can have easy
access to the gospel and the living
realities of the church of Jesus Christ.
I asked among the GSWMI and PSSBC
ministers if anybody will like to pastor
the church and didn’t get a favorable
We resolved to start the building and
trust God for directions.
In the interim we decided to do a rota
for ministers to man the church from
service to service until we get a
definite instruction from above.
The construction work started and as
the bricks were laid, I prayed.
We were building a church that will sit
between 700-1000 people and we
also plan to build a school and a
dispensary in the community.
There ought to be one person to whom
such a project must be entrusted.
I have brothers in the Lord who pastor
churches on rented properties.
I wanted to invite one of them to the
property and give the church being built
to him and his ministry but after making
some inquiries I realized he wouldn’t
want to run a church like that.
It wasn’t upwardly mobile enough for his
taste and the pool of people the church
will attract are not his kind of people.
So I had a meeting with the GSWMI
Head of Ministries and we decided to
go on with the construction while
waiting for the right person who can
pastor the church to show up.
I didn’t announce the need for a pastor
on any of our platforms, I kept that
strictly between me and the Holy Spirit.
Yesterday, I started getting messages
from all over.
The first was from a missionary I had
worked with five years ago.
While I was working as a PA with a big
church, he was one of the missionaries
whose work I had the honour of
overseeing indirectly for my boss.
His mission field was located at Bode-Osi
community, close the Cotonou border.
He sent me a message out of the blue
indicating that he had travelled to the
USA for a short while but he is back in
Nigeria now and open to the possibility
of working with the ministry at any
capacity especially if we have a mission
Wow. I was about to jump up and shout
Hallelujah when another message came
in from a young man located in Ibadan.
He is a missionary too and he wrote
categorically that while he was praying
in his house the Holy Spirit told him to
reach out to me immediately and report
for duty at our mission field.
He wasn’t the last.
As at this morning, I had received seven
messages from other ministers who
are ready to man the Kajola Community
outreach centre (Pneuma Centre).
Why did I write this?
The Holy Spirit is not an author of
confusion, I am sure one of the applicants
will be chosen by the Holy Ghost for the
work at hand and we might probably
employ another as the assistant or
What then happens to the others?
Perhaps we will end up building more
outposts in unchurched rural communities
or the Holy Spirit will direct their footsteps
I know He has his plans.
It is amazing to me how He swung into
action and led people to the work in His
own way
I didn’t have to resort to carnal tactics
like poaching assets from other ministries
which I have seen many ministers do in
the name of building a church.
If the people are not led in by Him, they
will likely be motivated by material things
and it will be like a house built on the
The Holy Spirit is real in my life,
His manifest presence is seen in my life
everyday and I confess that He is the
head of the church and the one
who rules over all my affairs
Can you say the same?
If not, you can reach out to me in the
DM or on WhatsApp 08072744871.

PS: Today is day two of our 72 hours
Tongues and Word Festival starting
from 5am to 12 midnight
The outstanding miracles we had
yesterday are still ringing in
my ears. Join us today as we minister
to the Lord in fellowship and sit at the
feet of the Word in order to grow.
God bless you

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