Things Remembered 1

January 14, 2024


She said, “We had been dating for about two months. He was a celebrity of sorts and so was I. We decided it was best to keep things to ourselves right from the start until we knew exactly how the relationship was progressing.

We didn’t want to make too much noise and have the whole thing become a flop.

We had excellent communication and the team energy we both gave at that talking stage was explosive

I didn’t believe he would approach me and he didn’t believe I would agree either.

We found each other sitting together on a boat cruise organized by a friend and the

chemistry was a banger!

He told me he would like us to do it again and I said to myself, “Why not?”

We went out the second time, visited a food show organized by a bank, we were hand in hand throughout

It was too successful not to make a mark on my heart

He was a perfect gentleman and I was left wondering what other dimensions he had to show that I had not discovered

We were always on the phone with each other- all day and all night

I had never done that with any guy before

I took him to work with me and he was always there, working too while we were both on the phone, we talked about everything
I began to make room for him in my heart, he was serious about being with me and instinctively I matched his stride

I told my other admirers tacitly that I was going into a serious relationship

I didn’t want any of them calling when I was with him

It would be awkward explaining that that was a guy asking me for a drink but I kept in touch with him in case I needed a plus one for a social occasion, etcetera

I didn’t sense any form of jealousy in him but I respected him too much not to clean house and give him the same level of attention I was getting

He wanted us to meet again but I delayed it tacitly, I knew the third meeting would lead to serious decisions being made, I wanted both of us to be sure

He kept asking for another date and I kept pushing

I pushed for three weeks, he was still there

We met and I can’t explain this but the whole weekend was like two minutes in my memory

We saw, we sat down in the same room together

He stood up and walked towards the door, I asked him where he was going and he said, “I want to be sure you want to do this, be with me in this space right now. The things I want to do with you are crazy and I want to be sure you are ready for it”

I said, “Meaning?”

He said, “I am a bit shy”

I said, “Come here this minute”

He said, “Haaa!!!” and ran into my arms

Don’t ask me what happened next Brother Gbenga, it was too special, awesome!

I cried afterward

He asked me why.

I said, “This was so good”

He smiled in a way, like being cocky was in his DNA

We were too good together, too perfect together

We got talking, all day and all night

When we were not talking, we were wrapped in each other’s arms just basking in the

Moment. It was delightsome

When I left on Sunday evening, I cried

I mean, I didn’t want to leave him for one moment

He hugged me and he was crying too, For real?

We were two grown adults and we behaved at that moment like teenagers

He drove after me until we got to the point where he had to drive off to his house

We had met at a resort center that weekend, our first weekend together

I waited for the after effect of that weekend apprehensively

Would he pursue me as he had before the weekend?

Would he ghost me since we had done the do?

I needn’t worry, he was with me on the call until I got home and, in my ears, until we both slept off

We woke me up the next morning and he was in my ears as I drove to work

I mean, the love could not be denied

I know he loves me, it was obvious

I love him too. I don’t lie to myself

It was the fastest I had fallen in love for anybody in my life

I am usually circumspect and, in my elements, whenever I found a man approaching me for love

But this was like a whirlwind, it had carried me off to the Budapest of daydreams

He was teachable

Whenever I told him I didn’t like something, he would adjust without a fight, and I was willing to adjust with him too

We were learning each other

He learnt that if he asked me what I wanted to eat, I would say I was fine, when they bring the food, he ordered for himself, I would eat it all

So, he would order for two after I had said I was fine

He learned the things that were important to me, I learned the things that were important to him

I was not afraid to tell him everything, and I mean everything about me- from the day I was born till I met him

He was the only one I was comfortable enough to open up to in that sense

He didn’t hold anything back too, he spoke freely

I would pick a newspaper article about him or a gossip blog article about him and he would tell me the full story

He did the same with me-It was a naked but not ashamed thing

It was too good Brother Gbenga

The usual iffy feeling one would have about being totally bare with a partner was not there

He asked questions, I asked questions, we solved knotty issues together

He treated me like an equal, a friend

I told myself I would follow the leading of this guy

I was willing to go anywhere with him

But something was gnawing at me inside- an uneasy feeling

We had kept the relationship secret for several weeks successfully

It was great but I wanted the world to know

I wanted to shout it on the rooftop that I was his and he was mine

I wanted this but didn’t want the buzz it would cause

Paparazzi and bloggers feed off the two of us at meals, making stuff up and convoluting facts

We had our own paradise but I wanted the world

I told him and he immediately arranged for us to visit a Friday night show in Wuse 2 And we danced and kissed in public! Chai

I was like “What?”

He was not conscious of anyone or anything but me

His eyes didn’t rove

He didn’t make any sudden moves toward another lady

He didn’t abruptly go to the restroom after a beautiful girl walked past

I tested everything, I watched everything, I was full of joy!

Then I felt confident enough to share this new reality with my twin sister

I told her everything in detail, with joy I wanted her to share my joy, to be happy for me

When I got home that night, my father asked me to see him

When I got to the living room, he sat me down and said,

“I heard you are seeing one actor, I sent you to Cambridge, you studied at Harvard, you run a prestigious firm here in Abuja and you are settling for a riff-raff?
“Riff Raff?” Wow He might not be as rich as my father is at 72 but he is rich

He owns his own businesses and he has his own properties in his name

He owes no one a dime and yes, I have seen his investments with my two eyes

How did my sister tell my father the story? How come my father called him a riff-raff?

I started to explain but my father wouldn’t have it

He said, “The relationship is Forbidden”

Brother Gbenga, I cried my eyes out

I didn’t just cry my eyes out, he cried his eyes out, fell sick

He calls, always begging, pleading, asking why

But my father is a powerful man and I wouldn’t dare defy him

That is my story, Brother Gbenga!



Things Remembered!



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