The Zoe Touch

March 2, 2022


The jolt of pain runs through your body
You cannot really place the threshold of pain
Sometimes, it’s like you’ve been stung by an
eel fish strapped to the top and base of
your spinal cord
Tiredness is a gross understatement here
Life is so unfair, for you cannot understand
why you were born this way or how you got
this disease.

Tears upon tears running through
With an additional one hour of crying,
the tears are enough to give you a salty bath
Because the raging fire is wrapping
your body in pain
The eye of the storm seems to be getting
bigger daily
The eye in a form of harmful micro organism
or perhaps metaphysically sourced
You just want it to end
Help, somebody help!

There you are fully incapacitated on the wheel chair
You look longingly at other humans as they make use of their legs
You think of the old good days of running
Now, you are pulled around on that wheel
The state of helplessness disgusts you deeply
You desperately want to break free from
the shackles of immobility
You long for a way, a second chance perhaps.

It’s incredible what the Zoe life in a
believer does
With my words or my hands laid on you
I can transform your life totally
The intermittent jolt of pain can stop
The raging fire can be forever quenched
The legs can be strengthened again to walk
For there is a Spirit in the regenerated man
That can change your life immediately
The master says, come to me all who labour
and are heavy ladened, He will give you rest
Come into rest today!

Mark 16:18
“…they will place their hands on sick
people, and they will get well.”


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