The Zoe Reality

March 15, 2022


I remember the first time I read
about Apostle Ayodele Babalola,
I was in the Library at Bowen
University. I was supposed to be
studying for a three-unit course.
I found this book titled “Who is
Who in Nigeria’s History”. I opened
it out of curiosity and I found
the story of this mighty man
of God. I read with tears in
my eyes of how the power
of the Holy Spirit came upon
him in the bathroom one day
and he ran out naked “while
everyone thought he had run mad”.

I read of the supernatural power
of God that was upon Him
and I cried like a baby in
the library. It was too much
of a glory to be read in a book.
What happened to Christians all over
the world when this glory was revealed
in Nigeria? Was it not written
that a people in darkness have seen
a great light? The light was supposed
to be a spark to bring all
into the consciousness of what we
are capable of in Christ instead of
cowering under the power of darkness
and the systems of this world.

Then I took a step further
and checked on Archbishop Benson
Idahosa. Oh, my Lawd!
I almost set the library on fire
with tongues. Archbishop Benson
Idahosa is no man’s Mate.
He is a God carrier, a wonder!

That very day I met with
an angel at the library.
I saw Him one on one.
I realized that God desires to
have a supernatural relationship
with all his children but most
have been wired to disdain
this great gift. I for one chose
to embrace it right then.
I chose to see the light and
walk in it. The exploits of faith
are not a joke, the men and
women who dared to walk
in the plains of glory are divine
in all their realities.

Why would I choose to be ordinary
when I can be supernatural?
At the time I only heard of
a camp where people go on
the first Friday of every month.
I never knew the man of God
confiscating these services.

One day I turned on the TV
and I heard this man of God
talking about his visit to Tulsa
Oklahoma and how a house shook
in the course of prayer.
I was like, what?
Then this same Man talked about
how God drank a cup out of
his tea during breakfast.

Christians do not talk like that!
How can a pastor claim God
is drinking tea! He said the
teapot holds three and a half
cups but after he and his wife
took their portion which is a cup
each, the teapot was empty based
on his prayer that God should
dine with them! What a claim
and he made it on TV!
Oh my!

I was expecting him to be
roasted for breakfast the next day.
He survived!
He even spoke of other wonderful
things God did for him and
through him, one of which was
the visit of a man who came
to give him the money he
needed for a building project very
early in the morning. He said
the man sat down by his office
door eating breakfast because of the
urgency of the matter. I sat down
for hours wondering how he survived
that claim. Why were newspapers
not screaming that he was a liar?

I was born and bred in the
baptist church. Such a claim
would have handed you only
scorn and mockery at that time.
In Fact, we used to call believers
who spoke in tongues “penterascals”
only God knows who came up
with that terminology!
My Lord and My God!

I changed.
My mindset changed.
I decided it will be best to
proclaim the absurd truth of
the gospel than the hypocritical
morality preached by the church in the
name of religion. It is better
to know Him than to waste away
in carnal understanding.
I began to walk with the
Consciousness of the Holy Spirit
and his power.

Then I met my teacher, by sheer
happenstance. I was going back to
campus and I saw a pirated CD
being sold for 200 Naira. The picture
on the cover of the CD was TD Jakes.
I bought it. I got to school and
played this CD on my laptop.
Everybody in my room, both believers
and skeptics fell under the power of
the Holy Ghost. The entire hostel came
to see what was going on in
my room. The preacher was
Rev. Dr. Oyakhilome and he was preaching
on the Holy Spirit.
Sermon titled Tongues and The Holy Spirit
This preacher said
his mother went out one day
and lost some money in a taxi.
He said he needed some money
in school and came home to talk
to his mother about it only
to meet the news of the loss.

He said he went into his mother’s
room, prayed, and was told by
the Holy Spirit to open a drawer.
He opened the drawer and saw an
envelope. It was the same envelope
his mother lost.

I have been listening to many
preachers all my life talking about
sin and hell. There are Kingdom reality
dispensers who are living the higher
life? I decided I belonged in their
I am of their DNA, a member
of the same Assembly they belong
to in Zion. I will not be
short-changed. I will not live a life
that is just there. I chose
to be supernatural, extraordinary, and
from above.
This is my life.
You don’t need to bring balance
to my claim, you don’t need
to comment, I am not asking
for validation. Live your life
in your reality and please let
me live mine. If you follow
my timeline, this is what you get.
My reality and my testimonies.
You are free to unfollow
or block me but I won’t wait
until I have gone home to share
the reality I walk in. Even if
it is one person it will inspire
I will detail it all and be
the stepping stone for that
one person to do even greater
works than I. As it is, the work
that I do speak of me already,
Blessed be God!
I belong to Jesus,
I am full of the Holy Spirit
and I live in the supernatural
reality of the Zoe life
Glory be to God.

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