The Weaver’s Puzzle

February 17, 2021


He got home from campus about
an hour before his friend arrived
at his door
His friend came in looking dejected
He asked his friend what happened
His friend told him there was a babe
he was crushing on
He had tried to tell her how he felt
many times but the babe didn’t take
him serious
The babe was a paragon of beauty
His friend said the babe was the one
The one for whom he could fly into
the sky and drag the moon to cover
the sun in the name of love
She was the one
The one for whom he could turn day
to night
The one for whom he could cause
an eclipse.
His friend said the babe had many
Her mother owned a restaurant and
she helps out at the restaurant every
His friend asked him if he could follow
him to the restaurant to give him
moral support
His friend said he wanted to tell her
how he felt but he knew he had
only one shot and if she should say
no, that would be that.
So he had taken his time to cultivate
her friendship by buying her small
gifts and becoming her friend but
he didn’t want her to put him in the
category of a friend for too long
He wanted to strike while the iron
was hot
He got his friend’s point
His friend was one of those
ambitious guys who always wanted
the kind of babe that could never
say yes to them
His friend was 22, but in his opinion,
his friend looked like a 16-year-old and
acted like a 16-year-old
Academically, his friend was a brainiac
but his friend lacked all the social
skills required to have a relationship
His friend was short and immature
When his friend got nervous, he
stutters and fumbles
His friend’s parents were rich but
even their money wasn’t enough to
buy him confidence and class
They met when his family moved to
the estate
His friend came to introduce himself
to him one sunny afternoon when
Nigeria was playing a football match
People were looking for where to
watch the match but because he
was new in the estate nobody
bothered to ask him but his friend
That was how they met
When his friend came to watch the
match in his house, he came with a
female family friend
His friend introduced him to the
female family friend
He spoke with the female family
friend and they started going out
a few days later
His friend was shocked at how
easy it was for him to talk to
the female family friend and get
a yes
His friend confided in him that he
had an eye for the babe but he
didn’t know how to tell her, so they
remained friends until she opted
for the new guy in the estate
That was why his friend came to
His friend wanted moral support
to land the girl of his dreams
After some more persuasion, he
followed his friend to the restaurant
As soon as he saw the lady, he
realized his friend was a tad too
The lady was a paragon of beauty
The kind that would leverage on
the beauty to get whatever she
had in mind as the best for herself
But he couldn’t tell his friend that
He has to keep his game face and
urge his friend to try his luck
They bought some drinks and sat
in the restaurant
They started talking in whispers
After almost an hour of coaxing and
His friend finally got the confidence
to act
The lady was seated at the far left
side of the restaurant, his friend walked
up to her and started rapping
He watched the lady’s body language
and realized it would definitely be a no
What he didn’t expect was his friend’s
The whole thing happened within
five minutes
The rap and the rejection
His friend fell on his knees and started
to beg the lady with tears streaming
down his face
It was crazy
He watched the scene for another
minute or two and realized the lady
was being embarrassed by his friend’s
He was about to get involved when
the lady’s mother walked in and raised
hell at what she saw
“What is this?”
“Who is this boy and why is he crying
like a ninny?”
His friend got on his feet and fled
the restaurant
The lady tried to explain to her
mother that he came to ask her to be
his girlfriend and she said No
Her mother shouted some more
He paid for their drink and left
When he got home he met his friend
by his gate
His friend was still crying
He told his friend to forget the babe
His friend wouldn’t listen
His friend begged him to intervene
“Speak to her on my behalf”
his friend begged
He told his friend he had no
relationship with the lady
If you really want to date her,
you have to befriend one of her
sisters or a close friend who can
persuade her on your behalf
I am a total stranger and I cannot
be of any help after the damage
you had done!
He couldn’t believe how angry he
was at his friend
kneeling down and crying after only
one “No” was a game killer
Who would date a guy who cannot
take a No with a smile and respond
with an overwhelming appeal
As far as he was concerned, the girl
was a lost cause for his friend
The next day, his friend was back
His friend offered him some money
to talk to the lady on his behalf
His friend was very desperate
He said No
His friend went to talk to his babe
(His friend’s family friend
His babe begged him to intervene for
the sake of friendship
It was a lost cause but his babe
persuaded him to try his best
She said that was the only way he
could get his friend off his back
He realized she was right
That evening he dressed in his best
clothes and went to the restaurant
He met the lady there
He asked for her phone number
She gave him
He ate at the restaurant and left
Later that evening, he began to
send her messages
He had thought she would ignore him
or tell him to go to hell
That was the cue he wanted to take
to his babe and his friend that he had
tried his best
The babe didn’t do either
She chatted with him respectfully and
he found her to be quite intelligent
They had a lot of things in common
They love the same genre of music, love
the same kind of movies and they both
read a lot
She was an undergraduate, just like him
and they were in the same school
Just like him, she was living off-campus
She said it was primarily so that she
can help out at her mother’s restaurant
He had expected her to be a proud,
self-conceited, and overbearing peacock
but he found her to be intelligent, wise,
and likable
His friend and his babe knew he was
exchanging messages with her
He told them he had gotten her phone
number so that they will see that he
was taking the “beg her for me” thing
serious but he couldn’t tell them the
truth about what was going on between
He mentioned his friend to her and
she told him to forget about it
She said his friend was not her type
He understood and didn’t push the
matter further
He reported the conversation to his
friend, even showed him the text
His friend told him to try harder
He didn’t object, he really liked talking
to the lady
As days rolled into weeks, things began
to change
He found himself not craving the
company of his babe like before
He found himself drawn away from
the friendship with his friend
He told the lady how he was feeling
She told him she felt the same way
Love was making a clarion call to
both of them and they were powerless
to resist its lure
They began to meet on campus
He would walk from the faculty of Arts
to Social Sciences and they would both
take a walk on campus
They had lunch together
Went to see theater arts performances
together and just couldn’t get enough of
each other’s company
They understood each other naturally
assimilated and fitted into each other’s
lives seamlessly
They didn’t kiss or touch inappropriately
He told her he was in a relationship and
she respected that but the time they
spend together chocked the relationship
and his friendship
The fact that it was done in secret
bothered him but he didn’t know what to
do anymore
He was in love with her and even though
he tried to resist it, the truth bore no
It took three months for his babe to
work things out
He had been giving her excuses for
weeks but she knew something had
gone wrong
She eventually asked him if he was
cheating on her
He told her the truth
It broke his babe’s heart
She told him to delete the lady’s
messages and walk away from the
He did it in her presence but it was
a farce
His heart was long gone
His friend found out and took it badly
That was the end of their friendship
His relationship died
a natural death
By this time, he and the lady had
been drawing closer and closer for
one year
He asked her out and she said Yes.
They got married four years later

PS: She said she knew he was the one
the very first day she laid her eyes on
him in her mother’s restaurant…
(That was the day he went with his
friend. To him that day was a disaster
but she said she saw what haopened
as fate weaving their coming together
through his friend)
He said he didn’t know when or how
It just so happened that she was the
They are happily married with three
This event happened in Ibadan
(Bodija Estate Extension)
The couple resides in Ibadan, Nigeria

Announcement: GSW and the PSSBC
ministers will be in Benin from March
5-March 7, 2021
The Gathering, Benin
Date: March 6, 2021
Address: Omoreggy’s Event Center.
Opposite Hifly Filling Station, Iriri,
along Estate Gate Road. Benin City
Time: 10am
Please invite friends and relatives
We will be bearing divine verities
for the saints and the message of
of salvation for the unsaved
The gospel of the Lord Jesus propers
in our lives. Hallelujah


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