The Wait

April 19, 2021


A raven calling a crow black
Although decked in a slightly different anatomy
They exude the same smell
The scents of humans goading you to the slippery slope in darkness
Both male and female

You lap at it like Gideon’s men
It fills your lungs with inexplicable excitement
On the surface, it smells like jasmine
You continue treading the path
Even though she’s got a massive crest on her chest with inscriptions tagged Delilah.

He looks so ruddy and handsome
As words flow effortlessly from his mouth
For he knows what you want
On his tail you jump!

Your eyelids and eyelashes seemed to have stricken a pact to form a coup –ultimately shutting you off from seeing
You walk with that swagger while the leash is still on your neck
If only you could smell much deeper
There would be no more jasmine, rather a putrid stench
Yet, you didn’t take a pause

For the undiscerning are clothed in the cloud of their simpleness
Being always led by the spirit of fun and excitement
For we shall party, we shall drink and eat to our full, and we shall tread the trail to her/his chamber.
That manual says her mouth drips with honey but her end is bitter as gall — a path to death

He is the embodiment of wisdom, caution and discretion
To navigate the tumultuous sea of life where multiple sexual waves rise in the ocean
Don’t be caught up on the crest riding in ecstatically
For a crest today will be a trough tomorrow

Active engagements with Master puts you at a position of advantage
Put your loads on Him, for He will bear it
Come as you are to experience the deep love of Christ
He’s waiting.


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