The Value of Good Friends

May 3, 2023


I watch the movie “Lord of the Rings” every year

It is the only movie to have that honor with me

I watch it to remind myself of many things

Today, I am celebrating good friendships as a result of it

Samwise Gamgee, the character that stayed by Frodo from the beginning of the adventure till the very end is a very good friend

I don’t think there is anyone whose friendship is that true that I have ever known

He didn’t judge his friend, nor did he envy him

He didn’t complain, neither did he grumble

He stayed true to Frodo through thick and thin and was even willing to die side by side with him

When everyone was bound by the power of the ring, he carried it for Frodo and returned it to him willingly afterward

When Frodo’s strength waned, Samwise Gamgee carried him on his own shoulder toward their destination

We should all have good friends

We should all be good friends

There are those who pretend to be our friends but in reality, are just around us for the convenience of it

The character of such people is revealed as soon as there is a change in our status that they find discomfiting for one reason or the other

If you have a friend who has stayed true to you over the years, please cherish such

If you are a friend who has betrayed the trust of your friend for one reason or the other please reach out to such and make amends today

The friendship may never be rekindled but leave a good memory in the heart of the one you wronged.

If a friend had wronged you, please forgive such

Remember that we are all not perfect

A friendship like that of David and Jonathan is worth the trouble. A friendship like the knitting of two souls into one

Some of us are lucky to have such a friend

Some of us have always been unlucky with friendships

Whichever side of the divide you fall, there is a friend so true that you can depend on at all times

The Holy Spirit is his name

He will neither gossip about you nor go about telling tales without regard for you or your state of mind

Friends are a delight when they are true

Friends are a nightmare when they are untrue

We lose our guard with our friends, as it should be

We tell them stuff and we tell ourselves they will keep such information in confidence

Some do

Many don’t

When we discover that a friend weaponized the things we shared in confidence

Our hearts break!

We learn our lesson and move on, but we become wary of friendship with such a person and others as we open a fresh chapter of our stories

Friends are not a must-have but without them, we will be alone with our thoughts and unable to weigh our decisions against the inputs of another

Are you a good friend?

If you are not, please learn how to be one

It is a good reputation to have



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