The Undone Side

July 30, 2021



The Man of God is brilliant.
His insight to the word of God is exceptional.
He has a way of using humour to rightly divide the word.
His wit and candour draw people o him.
His church gets bigger and bigger every week as his ministry imparts more and more people.

The man of God has a dark side: he smokes and drinks secretly!
Nobody knows that side of his: he has managed to keep it away from everybody- even his wife!
So, he is brilliant on one side, horrid on the other.
Sounds familiar?

The man is seen as The Country’s Favorite Dad.
Everybody loved him.
He was seen as PERFECT, and he reveled in the public image he has.

He has a dark side: he drugs women and rapes them!
When the first woman came out to accuse him, the whole world shut her down! Silly woman, trying to tarnish the image of a good man!
He also has a public persona people see: but there is a dark side people don’t see.
Sounds familiar?

The Man is a pastor.
He writes “Nuggets” on social media.
He writes a weekly column on the back page of a popular newspaper.
He has a large followership online and offline.
He is married with children.

He has a dark side: his side chick gave birth to a child for him in another country!
He spun it to the public as his 4th child: people didn’t know it was his 4th child alright- from another woman!
Sooner or later, the burst and people were shocked!
Sounds familiar?

The Bishop is very charismatic.
People are blessed by his messages and ministry.
He is loved by God.
He is the kind of man you would find it hard to believe he used the toilet!

He finds pleasure in sleeping with little boys!
Bishop has some homosexuality in him!
When some boys came out to accuse him, nobody believed them.
Bishop even denied it!
Sounds familiar?

The Scripture quoted above says, “…Ephraim is a cake not turned”.
Let’s use the Nigerian delicacy, “Akara” as an example: it is made from beans and fried until it is done. It is scooped into hot oil to fry for a few minutes. After a while, it is TURNED so the other side would be done too.
Then it is ready to be eaten.
Now, imagine the akara is not turned? Imagine instead of frying both sides for 3 minutes each, one side is friend for 6 minutes?
It would not be a pleasant experience eating it! One side would be OVERDONE, the other side UNDER DONE.

So we have men who have a dual personality kind of: a brilliant personality where they are excellent and in their best element and the dark side where they struggle.
The side where they don’t even need to practice to flow in it perfectly and the side that is a challenge for them.
We hear of excellent footballers who make 6 figure salaries a week have issues with alcohol.
We have brilliant surgeons whose challenge is women.
We have musicians who win Grammy Awards on the regular who have cocaine issues.
Simply put: the cake is unturned!

King Solomon was an exceptional man. God loved him specially. He was the only man in recorded history God gave a blank cheque: “Ask me ANYTHING and I will give you”!
He had a brilliant mind and he was regarded as the wisest man that ever lived.

Solomon loved many strange women! 1st Kings 11:1
That was Solomon’s undone side.
I have a high interest in athletics. I watch athletic events often. The athletes I admire most are the decathletes, men who compete in 10 events: 100 meters run, long jump, shot put, high jump, 400 meters run,110 meters hurdles, discus throw, pole vault, javelin throw and 1,500 meters run.
The decathletes are experts on all 10 events. They are not weak on any- they can’t afford to be. Whoever wins the decathlon at Athletic competitions is considered the World’s Greatest Athlete.
And why not? He is a champion of TEN EVENTS!

That is what God expects from us: champion of everything, perfectly done on ALL sides, no weakness anywhere. He expects PERFECTION from us, as Jesus submitted in Matthew 5:48, “Be ye therefore perfect as your heavenly father is perfect”
In other words, be properly done on ALL sides.
Jesus made a submission: “…The Prince of this world is coming and he has NOTHING in me” John 14:30.

That is what God expects of us: no dark side, no secret sins, no hidden details.
May God turn us around so our undone sides, the sides we struggle with, the sin that easily besets us is dealt with and we are properly done in Jesus’ Name.

Haruna Daniels

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