The Truth You Know

January 29, 2022


The quality of your life depends
on your knowledge of God’s word.
Knowledge is light. Ignorance is darkness
The less you know, the more
unenlightened you are. The more you know,
the more enlightened you are.
You can be a born-again Christian
and your life will be from calamity
to calamity.

You will go for deliverance, vigils, and fasts,
visit “Apostles” and “Prophets” who will fleece
you endlessly and turn you
to a cow, they will milk continuously
to get rich and grow in fame.
And yet you will remain on one
spot or you can be a born-again
Christian and grow in knowledge daily.

Many believers think prayer is everything.
So, they spend hours and days praying
for their situation to change. They are
very wrong. You will pray amiss when
you lack knowledge. You will fast amiss
when you lack knowledge.

The prophets of Baal and many adherents of
other religions all over the world
pray as well. It is in knowing
Christ that the believer’s life is transformed.
You cannot know Christ without an accurate
knowledge of the word of God.
I once had a discussion with a man who said
there is no difference between the Old
and the New Testament. He is a
“Bishop” and yet the fundamentals of
the gospel is unknown to him.
He would write out the instructions
in Leviticus and insist people must follow
them to make heaven. He was wrong.
When I heard after some years that
he went mad somewhere in the east.
I was not surprised. If you decide
to follow the book of Leviticus into
the fullness of God, your search
will lead you to some scripts and
texts which will inevitably mess with
your mind.

The Old Testament was not powerful enough
to bring salvation to the world.
This is why Jesus came with grace
and truth. The knowledge of the purpose of
Christ and His finished work will set
you free from sin consciousness and guilt.

The knowledge of the Holy Spirit will
help you live a life of glory
and wonder. The knowledge of the dimensions
of the power of the Holy Spirit will empower
you to live the supernatural life and make you
a blessing to your world.
Knowledge changes your life from glory
to glory. Knowledge leads you to pray right.
You stop foolish arguments when you have knowledge.
Imagine someone arguing against praying in tongues
and yet running from pillar to post over
evil dreams and nightmares.
What is it that the Holy Spirit does in
you when you pray in Him?

Does it have an effect on your
personal body? Do you feel the wonders
within your members as His power
courses through your body in the place
of prayer?
Knowledge gives you direction.
Knowledge is the key to discernment.
Knowledge leads you to love and understanding.
Study his word, the scriptures were
given to make you wise unto salvation.

How can people who memorize a few
scriptures out of context pray right?
For example, the popular prayer point
“None shall lack a mate” is not
a prayer point in the Bible,
it is a commandment that was in
the book of the Lord. Isaiah was
told to seek out that book and
read out the content: None of these
shall fail, none shall want her mate;
for my mouth, it hath commanded and
his spirit it hath gathered them!”
Does that look like a prayer point?
It is an instruction to the Jewish
nation through the prophet. In Israel,
the society was so organized to ensure
that a woman does not lack a mate
as long as she desires to be married.

She has a husband chosen for her
by her parents as a teenager and
once she is married, it is a guarantee
that she will always be protected
by the family of her husband.
Even if her husband died, she
remains in that family unless she
chose not to be”. That is what
that commandment was saying in context.

I have seen many single ladies quoting
that scripture but they do not understand
the context. No scripture like that was
given in the New Testament because
that testament was not written for
an earthly kingdom. It was written for
a spiritual nation, a nation lacking nothing.

Another scripture taken out of context is
“All men have sinned and fallen short
of the glory of God”. Those who
quote it deliberately leave out the
other half of that scripture which spoke
about the gift of God being Jesus
Or the work out your salvation
with fear and trembling thingy, which
usually gets quoted to mean “Be sin
conscious” (I wonder how they twisted
that up!”).
Salvation is the gift Jesus gave
to us, we have to explore it in order
to benefit from it to the maximum.

Many killing enemies and shouting “Die, Die”
lack knowledge.
All they have to do is study the Bible and
read the prayers of Jesus and the Apostles,
then tailor their prayers in that light.
I cannot pray a prayer Jesus didn’t pray.
I cannot pray a prayer the Apostles didn’t
pray and for those saying “We are in Africa,
there are enemies here and the work of darkness…”
They need to read Isaiah 60:1, the whole
world was covered by darkness and gross darkness!
Darkness was never an African thing.
It was a world problem until Jesus came.
If Christ dwells in you, you should no
longer be plagued with darkness.

If you’re still collecting soap, candles,
perfumes, and other demonic totems and
you claim you are a Christian, you’re
suffering from a lack of knowledge.

It is the truth you know that will set you free


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