The Third Party

January 2, 2021


It began as a harmless banter
He was divorced
She was single
He was the Acting Head of Public
Relations in his company
He had assumed he was going to
be given the role based on his
Suddenly he received a memo that
the company had employed a Head
of Public Relations and
He had to answer to her
He told himself the organization didn’t
want to give the youth a chance
He assumed they recruited someone
older and more he experienced
He was doing a fantastic job and
he knew it
A few days later, his boss resumed
and he was shocked
His boss was a lady
A lady who was five years younger
than him
He didn’t know what to think
Was it a “We need more female in this
organization” thing or a measure of how
the management saw him?
He had no problem answering to the
lady but he had a problem with nepotism
He was not sure she was brought
In because she was more competent
than he was
He felt she must be related to someone
or sleeping with someone
He wanted to resign but a friend counsel
led him not to
“Wait a while…
See how things pan out….”
His friend admonished him
He listened and started working
with her
She was a mathematics prodigy
She was also a computer programming
She was not a Public Relations material
The more he got to know her the more
he felt something was fishy
One day he asked her if she was in a
relationship, she shook her head
He smiled
He told her he was
Married but things didn’t work out
He and his wife were divorced
They had a daughter
She told him she had never been in
a relationship
He said “No wonder”
She felt his words had a deeper meaning
and asked him what he meant
He said she was uptight, socially awkward
and impulsive
She said it was a price she had to pay
for the gift of her mind
He shrugged and left the matter alone
The following day, around noon, she
walked into his office and said “Please
don’t take this the wrong way but can
you kiss me?”
He looked at her as if she had gone
She said
“I am sorry. It came out the wrong
‘way” and left his office
He watched her leave and smiled
An hour later she was back
This time he kissed her
He had also been thinking about it since
she made the request
“It was just a kiss anyway”
The kiss lasted for a few seconds, as
It was awkward
But neither of them pulled away
They kissed again
This time deeper and more confidently
It was a better kiss, by the time they
came up for air, they both wanted more
She locked the door of his office and
they had another kiss, this time, with all
hands on deck
When they were done
She looked at him and said “I like this
and I want to do more than kiss but
I think I am losing my mind right now.
I am definitely not thinking straight but
can we have sex?
If we don’t do it today, it is probably
never going to happen
He nodded
He told her to dress up
He drove
to a hotel and did the booking
He gave her a call
She joined him and they did it all-day
That was how they started having
casual sex
Nobody in the office knew
They met at some odd places and
sometimes pulled some stunts in
their respective offices
There was no “ownership” issue
He was free to live his life as he wanted
and she was free to live her life as she
Neither of them told anybody what
they were doing with each other
Nobody suspected a thing
Then his ex-wife decided she wanted
to give the marriage a chance
That was what he also wanted all
He wanted to be with his family
The divorce was orchestrated by his
wife’s parents because of an event
that happened between them and
his own parents
He and his wife were not even at the
occasion but he was told that his
mother said something unflattering
about his wife’s
Mother and his wife’s mother heard it
The next he knew his wife had been
ordered back home and they were
When he was told what happened, he
begged his mother to apologize
His mother refused and the separation
led to divorce
He and his wife were victims and he
had prayed fervently that his wife would
break free of her parent’s control and
come back to him but that was before
the casual sex thing
He suddenly realized the marriage was
too emotionally draining and stressful
His wife noticed his lack of enthusiasm
with alarm
She knew there was a third party in
the picture
She tried as much as possible to find
out who the third party was to no avail
On the surface it seemed as if she was
wrong but her instincts kept telling her
his lack of interest was because his
head was being turned by someone else
After three months of back and forth
She went on her knees in prayer
She had learned her lessons and had
resolved to do better in her marriage
What she needed was a chance and her
husband seemed determined not to
give her one
She asked the Holy Spirit to intervene
On the 20th of December, 2020 she
was told that the National Identity Number
staff members were at a location
close to her husband’s office
She went there
Her husband’s boss (She didn’t
know this) was also there
The day was a Sunday, the crowd was
not so much but they were still about fifty
They got talking
Her husband’s boss took a liking to her
daughter and that got them talking
She told her husband’s boss that
she was divorced
She said she wanted to reconcile
with her husband after dealing with her
baggage but her husband had been
unenthusiastic about it
She usually minded her
She couldn’t explain what happened
that day
They talked for about three hours
The following day, her husband’s boss
called off the casual sex thing they had
Five days later, her husband agreed to
take his wife and daughter back

PS: His boss had been given the job
on a temporary basis
She was gainfully employed in the USA
before she had a crisis (depresseion)
and had to be rushed down to Nigeria
Her company in the USA waited for her
to resume for several weeks but it took
longer than the family thought to
get her back on her feet
By the time she was ready, her contract
had been terminated
Her lawyer advised her it would do her
a world of good to secure a job with
a big title in Nigeria so that her prospect
of being headhunted would be
On the very last day of 2020, she got
a job with a software development
company in California
She will be leaving for the USA on
January 2, 2021

GSW’s notes: GSWMI will be starting
her Global online service on January
2, 2021 from 5AM -6AM
The service will hold on Mixlr and
Zoom mobile app
The year 2021 is instructive and
The Holy Spirit is already positioning
His church for divine upliftment on
every side.

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