The Stray

March 29, 2021


He met her on his first day on the job
His employer had insisted that all the
staff members must undergo two
weeks training before resumption
It was a new Television station
The training started on a Monday morning
She walked into the hall at about midday
She was wearing a skirt
so short that all the men in the room
practically paused whatever they were
doing at her entrance
He was the only one seating on a desk
close to the rear exit
She promptly walked up to him and
sat right next to him
The skirt was a distraction
As much as he tried to keep his face
on the marker board
He found his eyes darting to the long
spotless legs over and over again
She noticed his dilemma and decided
to help out by removing her handbag
from the desk and placing it right over
her thigh
After she did that, his eyes settled down
They got talking because
she needed to befriend him so that
she can tacitly send him on errands
while they were in that hall
She didn’t want to stand up again
because of all the attention her skirt
was courting, so she told him her name
and tried to be friendly
When they were to have lunch, he got
it for her and also ran some other
He knew what she was doing but he
didn’t mind
The skirts were so scandalous that
he felt he was doing all the men in the
room a favour by ensuring that she
doesn’t get to walk around again
Later that evening, she asked if he
could give her a ride
He said he didn’t own a car
She looked at him, laughed mischievously,
and shook her head
They finished the training for that day
and he packed his stuff to leave
She said her goodbye but didn’t make
any attempt to stand up
About 10 minutes later, while he was
still walking
towards the main road, a car drove by,
and there she was
Comfortably seated in the passenger’s
side of the car
Chatting with the driver
He really wanted to sleep with her
It was the only thing on his mind
He felt he could have gotten a better
chance to do that if he had a car
she could have been sitting next to him
that moment and they could have been
going somewhere to do whatever they
wanted to each other
He thought about her until he slept that
The next day, she got to the hall before
This time she was wearing a pair of
leggings that kept him crossing his legs
every five minutes
Again they sat together
He rehearsed in his head how to convince
her to be his babe
He had no intention of marrying her or
anything like that
He just felt she was asking for it and he
would be a slacker if he looked the
other way
Even if she would say no
He wanted it on the record that he tried
his luck
They were given an hour break by 12 noon
He went out to get them some food
When he returned to the hall, he found her
There was a sheet of paper with over one
hundred prayer bullets in it on the desk in
front of her
She prayed throughout the break period
He sat beside her silently as he ate his
lunch but he couldn’t help but overhear
her destroying evil altars and quenching
fiery darts of the enemy
When she was through, he asked her if
she was a Christian
She said yes
He said ok
Later that evening, they left the hall
When he wanted to start walking towards
the main gate, she said “Wait for a little
while, we might get a lift”
He stood and sure enough, a car came
along and stopped to pick her
He quickly jumped in the back seat and
listened as the sharp guy that picked
her up started chatting her up
He didn’t know when they got to the
main road
She turned around and said “You can
drop here pls!”
He had thought they would be dropping
He said Thank you and alighted from
the car
The driver drove on with her in
another direction
Again he thought about her all night
He didn’t know if to love her or hate her
There was an intense feeling at the
bottom of his belly whenever he
thought of her
He couldn’t describe it
It was a love-hate thing
Like “You’re a slut” and “Be my slut”
He was in a relationship with a concrete
plan to get married in two years
His fiancee was observing the NYSC in
another state
The lust had its hook in him in a bad way,
he had stopped calling and picking his
fiancee’s call from the moment he met
this girl
He knew there was no way he would
talk to his fiancee without spilling the
beans or talking about this new hot chick
Once they discuss it, he would feel
duty-bound not to pursue his earlier
objective and he really wanted to sleep
with the lady
It was the one thing he thought about
all the time
When they got to the office the next
day, he made his move
She was seated right next to him when a
phone call came in
It was from his mother
He listened intently for a while until his
mother stopped talking and hung up
the phone then he started talking loud
enough for her to hear of a huge sum
of money that had been paid into his
account as his share of his late father’s
He acted quite convincingly
He pricked her interest in a way
She began to ask questions and make
funny faces at him
He didn’t say anything
When they closed that evening, she
didn’t ask him to wait for a lift
They walked together to the bus stop
She followed him to his crib
He didn’t even have to ask
She practically followed the money
(The impression of it) by insisting that
she would not leave him alone until
he told her the full story behind the
phone call
It was a lame excuse but he played
When they got to his apartment
He told her a big fat lie about his
father dying in a plane crash and the
airline finally paying the family some
huge compensation
He said his mother was just calling to
inform him that his share of the money
had been paid into his account
She bought the story
They went for a stroll
She paid for the Suya they bought on
the way back to his apartment
Somehow it got too late for her to go
She called her mother she would be
spending the night with a friend
He finally got what had consumed his
thought for many days
It rained all night and he fetched many ‘
buckets of water
She left his apartment early the next
morning so that she should have her
bath and change her clothes in time
before resumption
He went to the office whistling and
feeling cool with himself
He finally called his fiance and told her
he had been having a hectic time on
the new job
He expected the all-consuming
thought of the hot chick to ebb once he
had consummated the lust
It always felt like that with the other
ladies he had been with
Chemistry – sex- walkaway
The moment he saw her walking into
the hall thirty minutes into their
first training session of the day, he
realized he was in trouble
His heart was beating as if it wanted
to fall off his chest
The only thing he felt like doing was
to jump on top of her and start fetching
water all over
The thing really got him in the wrong
He was distracted throughout
Later that evening, a car picked them up
When they got to the bus stop, she told
him to go ahead and wait for him at home
She drove away with the driver
(The same guy that picked her the
other day)
He waited until she got to his house by
10:30 pm
He had almost ran mad with worry,
jealousy and anxiety
When she walked in, he fell on his knees
and started crying
“Please don’t do that to me again”
That was what he heard himself saying
over and over again
(that was not what he planned to do
He had told himself he was going to
walk her out of his apartment,
regardless of the time of the night
she returned)
She pulled him up and kissed him and
said “It was just a tease, I didn’t know
you’d take it so seriously”
He could only nod.
He was powerless around her
Her wish was God’s wish
He forgot totally about his girlfriend and
She was the center of the universe
When she asked him about the inheritance,
he told her the truth
(He was powerless to tell her any lie,
it was as if he became a child!
He was so afraid of making her angry)
She slapped him and told him to kneel
down and face the wall
She left him there all day
She kept saying “You want to taste
honey for free, and you chose me as
your fool. I will teach you a lesson
you will never forget”
As punishment for the lie, she collected
his first salary and made him wait
outside the hotel when she went to
sleep with the other guy
He didn’t care what she did as long as
she didn’t leave him
He was in love for the first time and it
‘was bitter-sweet just as he had heard
true love was
His fiancee was the one who called
the attention of his mother to the
His mother found out what had happened
and the family decided it was not natural
Prayer and fasting went on day and night
for 17 days
Eventually, she got tired of him and walked
out of his flat
She also resigned from the job for a better
one (She was employed as a presenter
with the TV station they were both working
with but got employed as a news anchor at
a more popular TV station
In all, he was in the well for four months
and twenty-seven days
It was hell
When his fiancee returned from NYSC, she
brought him to the brother in Jeans and
T-shirt for prayers
He said he was a born again Christian, he
even spoke in tongues but he was afflicted
so easily
He didn’t walk in the light
The lust of the flesh led him away from
the light
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt prayed
with him
He was delivered from the effect of the
demonic charm working on him
He said he didn’t think the lady could
engage in the use of charms because of
the way she prayed every day by noon
He was wrong
Every religion has its own demons
And they all work together to achieve
the same purpose – Domination of the
Human Spirit

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