The Storm Rider

March 2, 2021


The storm came upon her family suddenly
It was relentless
First, it took her mother’s last-child
He was a sickle cell anemia patient
whose health had been managed
carefully since childhood
He woke up one morning, ate breakfast
and told their mother he was going to
rest a little
more because of a slight headache
That was it
He was gone like a candle in the wind
She was at the office when her
mother called her with the news
Her mother was distraught and broke
the news like a bullet to the jugular
The news did something to her
After years of praying and
She could swear that it was because
of his brother’s health that she
ventured into nursing
She loved his brother silly
It was a horrible way to see a young
vibrant life come to an end
Her brother was just 22 at the time
She was thirty
The news numbed her
It was as if she
lost the ability to feel or to function
She was in a relationship at the time
A brother she met at the “Nigerian
church she was attending in Ireland
The relationship was a match made
in heaven for heaven
The brother was a medical doctor
and a beautiful instrumentalist
She and he became drawn to each
other when she practiced a solo
rendition with him for the Christmas
carol two years before she lost her
The brother was a gentleman who
loved her sincerely and wanted to
marry her
The brother had hinted that he
would be taking her to meet
people in Nigeria by April that year
The brother’s family had a huge
family reunion planned and it
would be the best time for him to
bring his wife home
They had agreed and sorted
everything out together
They both took their leave at
work and bought tickets for their
She suddenly didn’t feel like going
home with him
It was a sudden fear
An irrational belief that if she didn’t
see her parents face to face the
death of her brother would somehow
not be true
She just wasn’t ready
The brother couldn’t believe it or
understand it
First she ghosted him
for several days while refusing to pick
his call or see him
He was patient
Eventually, she called off the
engagement and told the brother to
move on
She felt that was the best thing to do
Walk away before she complicates
his life
How would she handle going home
with him to meet
his people and celebrate so soon after
her brother’s death
What if his family members see the
death of her brother as a bad omen
and begin to attach meanings to it?
She just didn’t feel like being happy
or going through the motions of joy
and bliss
She wanted to be by herself
She wanted to be alone
The brother told her he would travel
home by himself but he will not accept
her verdict on their relationship
because he knows she was not in
the best frame of mind
He dropped a note under her door
She read it and got angry
She got angry that he was still
traveling despite the pain she was
Why couldn’t he cancel the journey
to be with her?
It was a reasonable demand in her
opinion, although it was unreasonable
because she had refused to talk to
him or see him since she got the news
How was he to know that was what she
How was he to know that she was
hurting so much that she couldn’t
even imagine anyone she loves not
feeling the same way she was
feeling at that time?
She didn’t respond to his message
The evening of the very day he took
off, she dressed up and drove herself
to a club in
She had never been that kind of girl
but she needed to get him out of
her system
She felt the best way to repay his
betrayal was to meet somebody
else and do something stupid
She was in a self destruct mode
She didn’t know it at the time
She had fallen into depression but
who cares?
She couldn’t recollect much of
what happened at the club
She got into a fight with someone
and she got arrested
The police officers didn’t make a
big deal of it
She was kept behind bars until
the alcohol in her system cleared
and she was driven home by a
caring police officer
The police officer promised to
come back later in the day to check
up on her
She could barely remember his face
She slept off as soon as she laid
down on her couch
Later that day, her mother called again
Her mother asked if she had spoken
with her immediate younger sister
who was located in New York
She said No
Her mother said she had been trying to
get across to her sister for several
days without any success
She tried her sister’s number
It rang out
Her mother was in a full panic mode
The events of the past few weeks,
coupled with the current
crisis was just too much
She was already on leave from work
and had time on her hand
She had an American visa
She got one when she had to travel
the previous year to help her sister
settle down in New York when she
got admitted into the University
She bought the ticket and
hopped on a plane to New York
When she got there, her sister was
nowhere to be found
The apartment they rented just the
year before was empty and nobody
seemed to know her sister’s
She spent five days in New York
Her days were basically spent in her
sister’s apartment
She waited for her sister to return
home to no avail
She didn’t call the police, she didn’t
report the event to anybody
She didn’t know why she didn’t do
any of that
She just stayed in the apartment
and cried
While she was there, her mother
called several times
She didn’t pick
She didn’t know what to say
After five days, she suddenly decided
to return to Ireland She couldn’t say why
It was just an impulsive thing
When she got to Ireland, the same
police officer was waiting for her at
the airport
He just happened to be there when
she came out of the airport exit
He recognized her immediately and
walked up to her
He asked her if she was feeling okay
She didn’t hear him
All she felt was a maniac rage
Somehow she had convinced herself
he wanted to put her in trouble and
was tailing or stalking her
She lashed out at him with rage
Screaming and cursing him
He arrested her and took her to the
police station
When they got to the station, he
explained to her that her mother had
called the police station from Nigeria
to report that she went to New York
and couldn’t be reached
He took an interest in the case and started
investigating it based on the incident they
had at the club earlier
He felt she was on a self destruct mode
and needed help
When he confirmed that she was alive
and on her way back to Ireland, he decided
to welcome her at the airport
He assured her that he had
only her best interest at heart
He told her he would let her return home
without entering the arrest in her record if
she would promise to talk to someone
about what she was going through
She didn’t feel like talking to anybody
but she promised him she would so
that he could let her go
Later that evening he came to her house
with a Christian brother who was also a
He said he came to ensure she kept her
They prayed and somehow she began
to talk and cry
What she thought was nothing turned out
to be quite a big deal
She was able to sleep
for the first time without jerking awake
several times in the middle of the night
in panic after that talk
The police officer came back the following
day with this brother and they talked
some more
He led her to Christ and got her filled
with the Holy Spirit
It was a taste of heaven
She had always been a “Christian” from
a very conservative background
She never even believed speaking in
tongues was a godly thing to do
Everything changed after then
She began to see life in beautiful colours
She traveled home to see her mother
They grieved together and
traveled back to Ireland together
She felt her mother needed a change of
She changed her church too
She began to attend the spirit-filled church
where the brother that she spoke with was
a worship leader
It was also the church the police officer
Her mother
got better and better
A week after they got back to Ireland, they
heard some news from her sister
She had traveled to Jamaica with some friends
on a whim and was very fine
It was the best news ever!
When her man returned from Nigeria, he met
the new her
She told him everything that
had happened and apologized for her behavior
He told her he understood
The relationship went on but it didn’t thrive
He struggled to cope with the new reality
she was walking in
They broke up a month after he returned to
One year later, she married the police officer

PS: Grieving the loss of a loved one is very
People grieve in different ways but it is
important that the pain is let out of the
A lot of colourful and tasteful things
lose their colour and taste after a
time of bereavement
Be careful not to make life altering
decisions at such times
Remember the Holy Spirit is your comforter
Walk with him and dwell in him
He makes the best lemonade out of

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