The Spider Bride

April 28, 2022


I will be writing on a sensitive issue.
It is my desire that all those
who read this will have an
open mind and see this as
instructive as well as by the leading
of the Holy Spirit

Last Wednesday, a young minister of the
gospel wrote to me stating that
six months after he got married,
his wife suddenly became very sick
and had to be hospitalized.
After several tests, the result revealed
that she was HIV positive

This poor man had to quickly
rush to the laboratory to do
a test and to the glory of God
he had not been infected with
the disease.

His wife confessed that she had
discovered she was HIV positive
since 2017. She said she told
her family members and the pastor
of their church knew about it.
How come the husband was not
in the know? Their church insisted that
must do the appropriate tests before
marriage and this was done
before they were joined together
in Holy matrimony.

It was however discovered that the
Pastor saw the result and hid it
from the young man. I cannot speak
to the pastor’s motive for doing this.
Perhaps it was an act of faith,
trusting God for the lady’s healing
and pushing the marriage through
despite knowing the consequences of
his action towards this young man.

How come the lady’s relatives didn’t
say anything?
Did she convince them he
knew about it and willfully went
along with the marriage?
Again, I cannot speak to their
motive but I can say this categorically,
what was
In order to be married, the man
and the woman must be completely
open to each other.

The bride and the groom had
a right to know what he or she
was getting into.
The church however should not be
biased in any way.
A pastor has no right to play
Russian Roulette with the reality of
the church
members by concealing evidence
in the name of faith or sentiment.
As a pastor or church leader,
you are a neutral arbiter in your
dealings with the people of God.

HIV is not a death sentence but
it has deep consequences that one
must be willing to bear in the name
of love and marriage. A pastor has
no right to claim he or she
had prayed and therefore the
HIV has gone by faith.
Keeping a party in the dark in
the face of the obvious consequence
of such an act ought to keep
a man or woman of good conscience
awake at night.

This young man took it quite well,
when I chatted with him, I saw
a pure heart that was willing to
forgive all slights and save his wife
from the jaws of death.
I admire him for this and
I sincerely bless the Lord for
such a mindset, however,
justice and righteousness are the
foundations of the throne of God
and being deceitful by faith is like
a dog biting its own tail.

As stewards of the gospel of
the Lord Jesus Christ, I ask
all ministers of the gospel to
stand true to their calling and
positioning in Christ without sentiment.

If you are reading this and you
have an incurable disease, I am
not asking you to sink your head
in despair and Isolate yourself
from love, companionship and
the finer things of life. On the contrary,
I am asking you not to be
selfish and wicked by pretending
all is well while deliberately luring
someone who loves you into
your nest of deceit in the name
of applying wisdom.

The lady in question didn’t love
this young man, she just wanted
to use him to achieve her own
idea of living a fulfilled life.
She wanted a home but she
decided to build it on a foundation
of lies and deceit. Being forthright
is one of the basics of the
Christian faith.

I have read a lot about the
conduct of unbelievers who went
about infecting others with crazy
diseases after they got it in
the name of “vengeance” against the
person or
people that got them infected.
Another person claimed the more
people got infected, the easier it
is to get the governments of the world
to act and proffer a cure.
The mindsets above are carnal and
should never be found in the
church of God. We do not
put our interest above that
of others in the name of fulfilling
our destiny. Rather, we lay down
our lives so that others can
live a full and healthy life
preordained for them by the
Lord Jesus.

I am trusting God for the full
recovery of the lady in question
but I am sounding a note of warning
to believers everywhere to desist
from actions
that promote the devil and
his wiles rather than the life we
have received in Christ.

I write this with a heart full of
love for the body of Christ


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