The Special One

May 5, 2021


When I was quite young
My grandfather told me a story
He said a mosquito wanted to
toast a very beautiful lady
but it was too small and too
insignificant for the lady to notice it
So the Mosquito set itself a task to
do something great that will empower
it in its quest to marry this beautiful lady
It flew off to a palace and went to hide
in a corner, listening to conversations
and bidding its time
Eventually, he got wind of a plot to
kidnap the King’s daughter
The mosquito quickly flew to the King’s
court and gave the information to the
The plan was foiled and the mosquito
was handsomely rewarded
After leaving the palace with his reward
The mosquito devised a plan to
get the lady’s attention by sending ‘
emissaries to the lady’s family
The emissaries dressed very well
and were loaded with gifts
They said they came on behalf of
their master to ask for the beautiful
lady’s hand in marriage
The beautiful lady’s family members
were swept off their feet
They were sure her beauty had
attracted a prince charming
They asked the lady if she would like
to accept the gifts from her suitor
She said Yes!
They asked the emissaries to present
their master
Mr. Mosquito flew into the room
Everybody started to laugh
They were sure it was a practical joke
The mosquito raised its voice and
said “Even if I look so small and
insignificant in your eyes, do you not
pause to wonder how I am able to
amass the wealth that was presented
in your house today?
Do you still think I am insignificant?
Should I prove how powerful I am to
you or would you consider the
evidence before you and
take me seriously?
The lady and her family had a meeting
Nobody wanted to make Mr. Mosquito
He was obviously a man of great
wealth and accomplishments
The evidence spoke for itself
So the lady accepted his gift and
gave him an audience
Mr. Mosquito married her a few weeks
The morale of the story, as my
grandfather explained it was “If you
are smart and you know you belong
to the top, don’t wait until somebody
notices you and makes room for you!
Do great things and make a lot of
noise about your deeds.
Carve a place for yourself at the top!
I didn’t know how to put that principle
to work until I heard Jose Mourinho’s
“I am the special one” interview
Nobody had ever had the audacity to
blow his own trumpet like that before
in coaching history
It was arrogant and totally indecent in
it’s colouring but the world paid
He was Mr. Mosquito, he was a nobody
who achieved a great feat and dared
to make a lot of noise about it
Of course many people hated him for it
but I found that quality oddly familiar
as I read the scriptures
A certain man stood in front of religious
leaders and called himself the
resurrection and the life!
How Audacious
The same man also said He and God
were one
That statement almost led to that
character being stoned to death
This character didn’t wait for men to
recognize the glory of God in him
so that they promoted him or
recognized him for who he was
The society he was born into was
Only certain lineages were allowed
to do certain things
He couldn’t have become the high
priest or the chief scribe or chief
He was born as a commoner and yet
in his was the salvation of the whole
He did great deeds and the deeds made
a lot of noise
He healed the mad man of Gadarene
and told him to go proclaim the healing
at the decapolis
He healed some people, told them not
to talk about it but they had no option
but to do so
They had to explain at the temple how
they came about their healing so as
to get their cleansing and induction
into the religious order
I am in no way comparing the feat of
both men but Jesus was such a glorious
character that it felt like a sacrilege to
emulate him in a certain way but when
Mourinho pulled that stunt, I looked
at it several times and said “If a football
coach can do this, there is no excuse
for a believer to keep quiet about the
We are the real special ones and we
have the supernatural life to prove it
day in day out to the world!
There are several ways to rise to the top
The Mourinho way is as legal as the
Fergusson way
And I love both men!

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