The Shofar’s Call

February 28, 2021


The cloud shows a streak of lightning
striking from east to west heralding
great sound of the shofar
Swiftly, it parted in two halves giving
way to the One
Immeasurable joy on one side of a coin,
while a great dread is on the other side
All heads tilted up with their eyes ‘
beholding the wonder.

A person to a person
A father to a son
A measure to another measure
Previously unkown stances now
decked in the garb of certainty
Realization dawns on faces like an
object glued to its shadow.

High up in the cloud He floats
His horse standing on the wings of
the clouds
His kinds are transformed to meet
up with Him
Oh yes, they will ride the chariot of
fire buoyed by the wind of glory!
A perfect reunion with the Son.

It’s a bit late now, for the easy route
has been closed off
For the lowest of valleys and hghest
of mountains shall be treaded to
check in through the back door
A tough one which seems
insurmountable, yet faintly attainable.

Why try to go through the uncertain back
door when the easy route can be taken?
Why sweat blood for months to later
receive the One you initially rejected?
Be the wise one by making the right
Choose life and live.

Revelation 1:7-8 NIV
“Look, he is coming with the clouds ,”
and “every eye will see him, even
those who pierced him ”; and all
peoples on earth “will mourn
because of him.” So shall it be! Amen.

Just come as you are!

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