The Seed Planters

January 15, 2024


There once lived a big and mighty tree with delicious fruits, the interesting thing about this tree was that it could bring out different fruits in different sizes. The tree being a good tree wanted its fruit to be enjoyed by others, so it plucked its fruit and planted its seed all over.

The seed kept bringing out more trees and fruits for everyone to enjoy. This seed is a special one, everything about it was useful. The tree showed them how to plant the seeds by themselves to enjoy more of its fruits.

After a while, some people began to notice their own seeds did not grow, others grew and stopped halfway without bearing fruit,
They all blamed their seed and the soil and kept complaining, getting angry and bitter. Some gave up and decided to find other means of getting food, shelter, and everything the seed and its tree with fruits were providing.

Some of them preferred to beg others for their fruits, while others envied those who had fruits or tried to steal from them.

There was a girl who did not give up, she wanted to know what those whose seeds were flourishing were doing differently, so she decided to ask questions. Some did not know what they were doing differently, they just knew their trees were growing and bearing fruit but she met a man who showed her what he learned from his parents.

“This seed needs to be watered and taken care of,” he said “You weed it and prune it and ensure it is properly fertilized with the right ingredients. Complaints and impatience will not help it, and neither will watering only when you remember to;  but if you patiently tend it and consistently water it, you will eat its fruits for generations to come.

The girl went back home, and put into practice what she had learned. It was tiring sometimes because it did not look like anything was going to come out and it was so tempting to abandon it just like her friends and family advised but she kept picturing the delicious fruit she will get if she held on. She refused to complain or give up.

One day, a tiny fruit like a pimple appeared, then another the size of a pebble, and then it was like overnight the tree was bringing out fruits so much that she could not eat or handle alone, she had to get people to help her. She shared with others and those people wanted to know what she did… She gladly taught them. Some learned and replicated, others felt it was too hard and took such a long time, thereby abandoning it, preferring to continue begging, envying, blaming the seed and soil, or stealing.

One thing was sure though, the girl did enjoy it for generations.

Tree: God
Seed/Fruit: The Word, your word…

The world was made with words and is sustained by words… How are you using and tending your seeds?


Ufedo Love Illah

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