The Secret Formula

April 15, 2023


Many times, I preach to myself,
No matter what I am feeling inside, I would say:
“GSW, you are the son of the most-High God. You are anointed and full of power, mountains dissolve before you, you bear upon your body the mark of the Lord Jesus Christ and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”
As I say things like this, I may be feeling chills all over my bones as a result of bad news or overwhelming sorrow as a result of the action of another person toward me
It wouldn’t matter
God told Joshua not to allow the word of the Lord depart from His mouth…
Faith must be verbalized, joy must be expressed, victory must lead to a lot of noise, the heart of the believer is no place for unceasing sorrows
You must refuse that urge to curl into a ball and engage in a pity party, even if you drop the ball
You must refuse to project people’s thoughts and perception of you due to circumstances and events taking a turn for the unthinkable or the dreaded in your life
You must remember that you serve God only and to Him you rise or fall
Joy saves us from a lot of ills, especially when we have no reason to be joyful
Many think they can only be joyful when things happen in their favour
They get a job or a promotion, buy a house or a jet, win a contract or a lottery
The feelings that come with that is often too fleeting, too artificial
I remember the first day I slept in the house that I built, I was 40 years old at the time and I had built my first house
It wasn’t a cut-and-join house too, it was a proper house
I could barely sleep but by the next day the euphoria was gone
I was already looking to build a city for God
I have since then been a part of many church projects and charity works, they give me more joy than that first house did
I remember the joy a new cloth used to give me or a new shoe, it died as soon as I put it
What about the excitement a new car brings?
Sleepless night for a few days, looking out of the window every five minutes, washing it, sitting in it while listening to music on its radio, it lasted only until the next exciting thing comes
One thing that gives continuous happiness in many people’s hearts is love
I mean the joy in the heart of a proper bloke and babe who just fell in love
That joy is something else when the love is real and mutual
That joy is special
It can last for a lifetime and survive every other emotion the two of them would evoke from each other
They would fight, of course, but the joy would remain
They would be mad at each other, but the joy would remain
They might even break up and then realize that the feeling of sorrow that took them over while apart was too strong to endure and then they quickly make up and rekindle their joy
If you are in love and you don’t feel this joy, please don’t marry that person you are with
It is not true love
Joy is an expression of love
When I watched Mel Gibson’s Brave Heart for the first time as a ten-year-old, I couldn’t understand the words being spoken by the actors at the time
All I did was watch the action and I got the idea
The main character and his babe gave me so much joy
Their love was depicted so perfectly
Their joy was too obvious
This was how the soldiers knew they had secretly gotten married
Their love expressed inner joy effortlessly
Even when they were far away from each other, they couldn’t stop being joyful
Joy can make you laugh, cry, mad, sober, clingy, shout and scream
There are some people that are incapable of being joyful, they always look for a reason to be sad, negative and morose
Avoid such people at all cost
Don’t be friends with them or make the mistake of marrying them
Pray for them and admonish them but don’t let them drag you into their reality
Those people are contagious in the spread of misery and they are never happy that you are joyful always even though they are sad
I had a friend who would say, “I was so unhappy and you were dancing and rejoicing with your fellowship members. Why are you people always happy, what is ‘happying’ in you?”
I tried my best to make my friend see that we have the life spring of joy dwelling in us as believers.
My friend was a believer too and yet, this joy had no expression in her life
Oh! she would wear the make-up and dress the part for the public to see but once the noise was gone, she would go back to her moaning and griping self!
Refuse to be like this
With joy you shall draw wonders from the well of salvation
JOY is a fetcher
The one thing joy does not do is kill
It is an expression of life an expression that gives life
The one source of joy that can never go sour is Christ
Christ is my joy
It doesn’t matter what I am going through
When sorrows like sea billows roll
Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to shout
I shout Glory!
I see Glory!
I know Glory!
I do not keep quiet
I do not suffer in silence
I express Joy!
For Christ is my joy
The one joy that can never be taken away from me
The one joy that is within me till eternity
Christ is my joy


15th April, 2023.

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