The Scalper

April 17, 2021


I took my boys to the barbers
two days ago, while we were in
the car the two of them insisted
they wanted hairstyles.
It was all they talked about as
we drove on and on
They didn’t even ask me if I was
on board with the idea.
I didn’t say anything
I was just enjoying their back
And forth
We got to the barber’s shop
I said “We’re here”
The older son said “No Dad, we
don’t want to cut our hair with
this dude”
I said “What? Why?”
“He is a hard man, Dad, his hand is
tough and he always makes me
cry when he cuts my hair”
explained the younger one
Oh wow!
This was a barber I invested in
six months ago when he wanted
to set up
I had a lot invested in his success
and I always barb my hair with him.
The children had a point though,
he barbs as if he was an Apache
warrior out to get your scalp
The barber had seen us and he
Towards us to say hello
I greeted him and told him I will
come around to have a chat with
him later
I drove to another barber’s shop
and we all had our haircut.
I drove back to see the barber
later in the evening
I told him what his customers said
He got on the defensive
He said “They are children sir, what
do they know? You should have told
them to get down from the car sir”
I told him they have a right to a
decent service just like I do
I admonished him to adopt a better
barbing technique.
He didn’t get the point, he felt I
betrayed him by taking his business
That was all he said over and over
I apologized and left

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