The Rooster

March 31, 2021


He fell in love with another woman
He was married at the same time
He didn’t really have an excuse for
whatever he felt
There are many things he could
point to as his excuse
Many things he could itemize as the
The bottom line was his feelings, his
thoughts and his desire
they just seemed to have found solace
with someone else
Someone with a calming and assuring
Someone less volatile
Someone less unwise
There was a time he loved his wife too
Perhaps he still loves her a little
but the affection had waned terribly
His wife was in his opinion
not worthy of all the attention and
the love he expended on her from
day one
All she wanted was a ring
He didn’t see that from the beginning
but it became obvious after they got
She was very warm and accommodating
while they were courting but became
cold and distant right
from their wedding night
The first thing she said when they got
to their honeymoon venue was “I finally
got this monkey off my back”
He didn’t take that to mean so much
until the next day when she said
“I had to settle for you since no other
man came calling and my parents
wont let me rest, I just felt you should
know that”
He didn’t quite know how to respond
to her words
He had married her under the
impression that they were both in love
He didn’t know how he was supposed
to respond to her jibe about settling
for him
Her words hurt him to the bone
Later that day, she had her bath
and walked into the room naked
“Are you angry with me?” She asked
He just looked at her, he was not
even in the mood to reply to her or
respond to her but there is a way
a woman’s naked body causes a
man’s body to act despite its true
That was the story of their
All duty
She flipped back into her old
life without a second thought
He was left alone in the boat of love
Left alone in the cold
He spoke to his mother
His mother told him you never
stop toasting and wooing a woman
He began to try
How hard can it be to get a woman
you are sleeping with to fall in love
with you
She simply didn’t respond to his
He brought her breakfast in bed
one day, she said “Really? Who told
you I have time for this sort of thing”
He dropped the food on the bed
beside her
She didn’t touch it
He had to throw it in the trash
when he returned home from the
office later that day
His wife had a life, a reality that was
exclusive to her
She had her business and friends
He was just something she needed to
mark her achievements calendar
The same goes with their children
The boy and the girl
She delivered them for him to nurture
She traveled to the USA to deliver ‘
both children
She returned home with their birth
certificates and handed them over
to him
He practically nursed them with the
help of two nannies
He didn’t complain to anybody
He took it as life throwing him
His wife never cheated
At least not with a guy
He suspected that she was into
some of her female friends
At a point, it became somehow
obvious through her attitude to him
but he never caught them in the act
Whenever those friends were
around, she became especially
mean to him
Treating him like a nuisance
It wasn’t what he bargained for
His wife was not incapable of love
She was just not capable of loving
him and the children the way a
maternally inclined woman would
Many people called him blessed and
he was proud of the woman he married
in many ways
She was independently wealthy, a
successful business tycoon
She was not a burden on him financially
She even bought him a car for his
35th birthday
but she was not a wife
She acted more like one of those
absentee husbands whose wives were
always begging for attention and love
That was her nature
And she wasn’t deliberately mean to
She treated members of her family the
same way
She was independent and assertive
Domineering and controlling
It has to be her way or no way at all
Even on their marital bed, things must
only go her way
If he tried anything new, she would get
turned off and the fountain of
honey would get closed and may not
open for many months
Everything was done to satisfy her
He was a faithful believer
He never even considered cheating
Until this lady came to the house to
see his wife
The lady was the manager of his
wife’s cosmetics outfit located at Ikeja
His wife asked him to drop the lady off
on his way out
The lady got into the car and started
She had been duped by a customer
who bought a lot of goods and paid
with a fake bank alert
She came to the house to report what
had happened
His wife (Her boss) told her she should
go and report herself to the police
station in computer village immediately
He tried to console the lady but she
was too distraught
So he asked her how much the money was
She told him
It was not so little but for his wife’s
standard the money was a chicken change
He gave her the
She insisted he must follow her to the
shop to see for himself that she was duped
She didn’t want him to think she was using
her tears to part him with his money unjustly
She insisted she wouldn’t take the money
unless he followed her to the shop
He went with her & somehow
he saw it again
The vulnerable, soft, warm, and motherly
He had totally forgotten how attracted
he was to that sort of spirit and how it
soothes him
He enjoyed her company so much that
he didn’t go for the Sunday school
preparatory class he was heading to
She was a breath of fresh air
They exchanged numbers and became
He offered her nothing and demanded
Somehow they would exchange youtube
videos and chats
They had so much in common
She was a believer too
Two months after they met she got a
better job and left his wife’s
He went to see her two weeks after
she resumed at her new job
She took him to lunch and they discussed
as friends
He bought two movie tickets two weeks
later and they went to the cinemas
(He had not been to the cinemas in
years by that time)
He was happy
He felt
He started waking up with excitement
He knew it was wrong but he didn’t care
It was light seeing the light again after a
long time in the darkness
She sent him a message after three
months of their “relationship” asking
him to define what was going on
They had not had
any form of physical intimacy but he
was in love with her already
He asked her if she would leave him if
he told her the truth
She said if the truth involves the word
“love” she would never respond to his
messages again
He said Okay
They met two days later, he was barely
holding back his tears
She noticed that he was quiet and
She asked him what was wrong
He held her hand, looked into her eyes,
and kissed her
He expected a push, a slap, a spit on
his face
He got none of that
She kissed him back
They were both lost and they knew it
After the
kiss, she said goodbye and walked
away without looking back
He knew what she did was the most
sensible thing to be done
He had taught Sunday School for years
and he was the one who takes the
topic on Temptation every year
He was the shining example of
self-control and discipline
When he got home that day, he tossed
and turned on the bed
He must get a divorce
It was the only thing ringing on his mind
The only opportunity he has to be
happy in his life couldn’t be allowed to
slip away like that
Who was he trying to impress with
sorrow and misery
He deserved
to be happy too
By 5 AM the next morning, he got a
phone call
It was from the Brother in Jeans
and T-shirt
They had met earlier that year when
the brother in Jeans and T-shirt
was invited to minister in their church
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt
said “My brother, the Holy Spirit
just showed me a vision.
In that vision, I was with many
people. We were about to have a
service but the hall we were to use
was covered with waste and feces.
I saw people cleaning it up but we
had to wait for a long while in the
sun while the cleaning up exercise
was going on.
When I woke up, i still had th spittle
and nauseous feeling from that vision
in my mouth.
I asked the Holy Spirit what it was
that I saw
He said it has to do with you
He said a scandal is about to break
out around you, it will cause a delay
in your spiritual ascent and destiny
If you will shake off this scandal and
prevent if from happening, you will
get to your destination quickly and
without any encumbrance.”
The massage was too apt
He thanked the brother in Jeans and
T-shirt and turned his face to the wall
He cried from 5:30 am till 9 am
He deleted the lady’s number and
resumed his miserable life and walk
with the Holy Spirit
Two weeks later, he was chosen by
the church as the pastor in charge of
a new branch located on Lagos Island
He accepted the position with joy
One year later,his wife’s mother died
They went to the village for the burial
He flew back to Lagos to make it in
time for Sunday Service
His wife traveled by road and had a
motor accident somewhere before Benin
She died.
Two years later he got married again.
Guess who he got married to…

PS: This event happened in Lagos and
Port Harcourt
He is still a pastor
His wife is currently pregnant with their
fourth child
(Two from his late wife)
I don’t want this story to be misinterpreted
in any way pls
I saw a vision overnight today that was
similar to this one
There is someone in particular who
will read this story and get the message

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