The Refund

August 3, 2021


Brother Gbenga, i got a refund of times ten of what I paid for my tuition fees
The company that recruited me usually recruited from one of the Ivy League Universities but somehow they recruited me and I started working for them last year
I was working remotely because of covid
Suddenly they announced that those who would be offered permanent positions would get their tuition fees back
I was glad and i started praying
We were told to submit documents and all
I did that and it was acknowledged
I received a letter stating that i would be refunded a certain amount
I was very happy with it
After the service yesterday, i received a notice in my email
I checked it and saw the money that was paid in
The document they sent stated that they paid me the expected amount
but the amount in my bank was ten times what the document was stating
I called the office and they ran a check
They confirmed that they sent me the amount i was expecting and also forwarded a document to me to back that up
So I called my bank and asked the lady that spoke to me to send me the statement of account
I got the statement
The cash was lodged but the name of the person that paid in the money was my name
Brother Gbenga, I paid myself money that i did not have
Cash deposit
I have been walking about in awe all day, what do i call this?

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