The Rainmakers

January 16, 2024


The discussion on controlling the elements is the reason I am writing this story

I am not writing to convince the unconvinced or the unregenerated mind to believe in the supernatural or Christ

I write for the sake of the believer, those who have accepted the Lord Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, so that they will know and enforce their right in Christ at all times


When I was an undergraduate, there was a sister called Toyin, she was a Yoruba lady from the family of the rain makers! Yes! Rainmakers!


Her family was the family the traditional ruler turns to when there is a drought and the heavens don’t bring rain


Her family had perfected the metaphysical rites and rituals of rain-making and they were located in Iseyin, Oyo State


I usually wouldn’t write names and locations for my story but this story ought to be investigated and affirmed to be true!

Rainmakers are part of the Yoruba traditional religious settings and yes, they do know how to make rain


Many understand spiritual things from a demonic standpoint but argue against it from a Christian supernatural perspective

I wondered why this family had been in the rain-making business for many years and were well-known as rainmakers


They have a lot of fetish traditions and initiation rites they perform so that they can continue in this function from generation to generation


This lady called Toyin was going to marry into the Doherty family (I mentioned the names so that those who desire to probe further can do so) She was an undergraduate at my school and she was a member of the prayer department


She came to me and told me that she and her husband had decided that they wanted to get married but the family insisted they had to carry out some rites and rituals which she considered to be against her Christian beliefs


She said when her father told the family she was getting married, the head of the family insisted she had to carry out the rituals despite all pleas for her and her husband to be exempted


She said the head of the family said the marriage would not hold and if they defied him he would bring down a deluge like had never been seen upon them during the wedding to scatter it because she was a first daughter and first daughter/sons could not be exempted from carrying out the rituals required of them when they were getting married


Toyin was the one from Iseyin, and Doherty is from Lagos


The Doherty family did not want anything to do with fetish rites and they had told their son that if the bride’s family insisted on it they would wash their hands off the whole affair


Toyin asked that the prayer department follow her to Iseyin for the wedding


I obliged


This was in 2005

The mandate was simple enough

The wedding will happen in Iseyin

The wedding will not be disrupted by rain or any other evil event

She would get married and live a productive life

She was defiant and so was I

What else would show that Jesus reigns above all the elements but that?

What else would prove that the believer is far above principalities and powers but that?

We got our BSF bus and travelled to Iseyin

I went with fifteen other believers

All of us were young and full of faith

When we got to Iseyin, we were lodged in a hotel

Toyin’s husband was rich, he is now a pastor in Australia but before then he was a chartered accountant who graduated from Uniben


On the wedding day, while Toyin was getting dressed, the weather began to change

The cloud became pregnant with rain


The prayer band members began to pray


I stepped out of the prayer room and saw the clouds

Then I saw two men standing on a mountain doing incantations to bring the rain


I said, “Who told you clouds to gather when I did not say so? dissipate now”


The clouds scattered and it became sunny


I went back into the prayer room


Toyin moved from her house via a convoy to the church


The cloud gathered again

I was all dressed up in a suit by this time


I stepped out of the church and saw them again

Like Balaam son of Peor, these rainmakers had moved to another mountain and were calling down rain again


I pointed to the gathering cloud and declared, “Disperse now, you clouds, in the name of Jesus”


The clouds scattered again

Then we got to the reception and the party started


The clouds started gathering again


One of our sisters came to tell me that it had started raining

I said “Hahahahahaha!”

I stepped out from under the canopy and pointed at the sky for about two minutes

I did not say a word at first

Then I said, “I want these rainmakers to come to me and apologize, they shouldn’t be stressing me for fun” and I went back to the party


A few minutes later they arrived and asked for the head of the prayer team

I came out of the tent and they apologized profusely


They said they didn’t know we were the ones with Toyin and that one of them had started having seizures while he was calling forth rain on top of one of the mountains around the city

I told them he would be fine, that I had prayed for him and set him free


They all prostrated to me saying thank you and left


Mrs Doherty got married without a hitch


She delivered three boys and was a pastor’s wife in Lagos for about ten years before she and her husband relocated to Australia where they continued to work in the Lord’s vineyard


I was twenty-five years old when this event happened


I usually would just post my stories without a name but I couldn’t let the opportunity to prove this one slide


Gnosis and Gnosko are not the same

One has to do with carnal knowledge while the other is about revelation knowledge Those who claim nobody can control the weather by prayer are right in their own eyes because they have a human brain that tells them it is impossible


You can only see as far as your eyesight can take you


They simply cannot see beyond their noses


We, however, have the Spirit of God and with Him, nothing shall be impossible


PS: The believer has a right in Christ

It is fundamental and a given

He or she must, however, grow in it

Apostle Peter asked us to grow in grace and the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ Let us all do this


And please if you notice anyone on social media posted a video of your pastor or GO on the timeline of any social media to chase clout, unfollow and block the person immediately

Don’t reward bad behaviour by commenting or insulting them


They need the engagement Please don’t give it to them



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