The Quickener

December 30, 2020


A time came when he had to sit himself
down and admit the truth, he had totally
lost the plot
He had derailed from the course the
Holy Spirit set his feet on when they
met and had an intimate discussion in
He was in a religious set up but he was
drained and always felt like
running away or doing something so
foolish people around him will see his
cry for help and do something to help
He needed help badly and he knew it
The only problem was how to get the
The only problem was how to reconnect
to the source where he got his assignments
Several years before
He started fasting and praying but it
was from a point of panic and self-loathing,
he didn’t hear anything
He went to meet several spiritual leaders
for help
“What is the Holy Spirit saying?” He asked
One said “Buy good gifts for three prophets
you know” he did it and yet the void
Like Jacob, he had seen angels ascending
and descending on that night when the
Holy Spirit said “You are a teacher of
teachers, you will teach and raise my
children in my way, you will show them
the path of the spirit and they shall walk
in it!
He wrote it all down that year
September 17, 2007
He was still an undergraduate at the
When he graduated, he didn’t bother
doing NYSC
He felt it would be a waste of time,
instead, he spent the year working in a
local parish for free
Serving the Lord.
Since the Holy Spirit
Said “Teacher of teachers”, he joined the
Sunday School department
He was fervent and a lot of miracles were
wrought through him by the power of the
Holy Spirit
Within two years he was made a pastor
He hated it.
He did the work for 10 months and ran away
It was too draining
He returned to the Sunday School department
Another two years went by and he was
posted to another parish as an assistant
He still couldn’t cope
He was not called to be a pastor but
the Sunday School department was
guided with manuals which had
contents that were religious
But not the gospel
Some blatantly taught works while
some were just legalistic
Those topics made him cringe
They were a product of the doctrine
of men
He began to dodge the Sunday School
department too
Then came a job offer, he was offered
the position of the personal assistant
To a big pastor
He felt it was the best way to learn
the things of God
Unfortunately, it wasn’t
The pastor was a stifling character
He insisted everything had to be
done in a secular way because people
abuse spirituality
On the basis of administration, the
instruction was valid
But as a believer yearning to grow in
the Lord, the freedom to walk in the full
expressions of the Holy Spirit are the
greatest way to grow
That was when things got out of hand
He found himself losing interest in church
activities all together
It was too much of a performance
Mindset rather than a spiritual mindset
The more he performed the more he
came short of hitting the mark
Eventually he got frustrated and did
what people too when they have tried
their best without getting a result
He gave up
That sinking feeling followed, he had
failed God!
He would sit in his office and cry
He would lock himself in his room and cry
He forgot how to pretend to be happy
The sun started smiting him by day and
the moon started mocking him by night
He was lost
He was depressed
He was in a battle for his life
He needed help but God had
Hidden His face from him
One Tuesday morning in December 2017
He got to the office and started taking
stock of his life
The vision God gave him had died
He was not even a member of any church
at the time
He had started drinking and smoking
He had started listing after
Carnal pleasures
He had started making worldly
friends again
He had started changing his identity,
hiding his Christian reality and accepting
that he was just an ordinary man who
had been walking in a delusion
He was officially a backslider in words
and in deed
His wife noticed
But how do you help a man whose vision
had died?
How do you console a man whose had
contemplated his glory turned to shame?
How do you placate a man already buried
in the grave of destiny?
She saw him crying several times and
tried to console him but he was bereft
of hope and gladness
He was a hollow ground, an empty shell,
a shadow and a wraith!
His boss in the office saw his situation
as pathetic and piled pressure on him
to put up or resign
He began to contemplate suicide.
The light that was set on a hill has
refused to shine
He was sinking into darkness!
He put on his laptop and connected
to YouTube
He saw “Joshuaville-Worship and
Warfare with Victoria Orenze”
It was supposed to be just music,
something to play as he typed
documents and raise memos
The lady started her ministration by
reading the scriptures from the book
of Isaiah
Then she began to sing
He was drawn to her light
He was drawn to the deep calling
within her
The hair on his body rose in awe
as she began to sing in the spirit!
And just like that “His vision became
It was as if a switch was flipped and
light came
He listened to that song
Over and over again for many weeks
Sometimes he would play it on the
laptop all night while he slept
Within a year after that encounter he
had started bursting with life and
wonder again
His relationship with the Holy Spirit
was restored and he had become a
blessing to many
Ps: The story above is the story of
Those who come across GSWMI and
PSSBC today usually wonder how the
ministry took life and started reigning
effortlessly-It is by the spirit
When Victoria Orenze was ministering
at the Incubator, she could have
performed to get an
She chose not to
She chose to minister the Pneuma and
not religion
Her decision led to how she ministered
Her ministration was the light that drew
me out of miry clay that fateful day
So many others have been blessed
because I was blessed by her ministration
That was
Am indelible mark
I never told anyone this story until
@Jaelle_Mo brought Victoria Orenze
to @TheikosDoxa for the live recording
of her album
@Jaelle_Mo said I inspired her to
compose and release her album
I told @victoriaorenze1 that her ministration
changed the course life
Everyone who has read a thread, a tweet,
gotten a prayer call or healing or any
form of mundane or supernatural support
from GSWMI should bless the name of
the Lord and know this story.
If you do everything as unto the Lord
and not to self, you will be a blessing
Please remember this.
We have an audience of one, the gospel
is not performance or entertainment
It is spiritual
If you do your bit as led by the spirit,
the fragrance you will leave behind will
be powerful enough to change the life
of people years or months after you
have done
As sent.
Thank you ABBA
Thank you for the ones you stir up to
stir others
Thank you Jesus for counting me among
the ones you stir up as a watchman to
stir others
Blessed be your Holy name

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