The Psalms of GSW

August 2, 2021


The Psalms of GSW

I once sat beside him on a mountain
We were both watching the sunset
He said to me, Do you know the sun is yours?
I shook my head
I couldn’t speak at that moment
Sometimes i lose concentration when I speak
in such a situation and that day was one
of such days
He said, you can tell it to do anything you want
He will do as you say
I risked it
I had to talk but i had to make sure my heart
would not wander away into another thought
or realm
The mind is a funny place and it can sometimes

override the spirit and shut down spiritual portals
I said “So I can take it home?”
He smiled and said “Men have this habit of not
believing they own something unless it is in
their hands or they are holding its receipt
Dont be like that
You are my son, do things my way
I nodded
We sat there looking at the brightness of the sun
sinking into the western clouds
Then i said “The sun is mine” and just like that
the sun moved from the west to the east
It started rising again
Then He said to me
Now the sun has learnt who his master is and
he will shine for you for as long as you want it…
Then I woke up from that vision and i
understood how faith works

My teacher knows how to teach me
He knows just what to say to equip me
He builds me up with love and grace
He has endowed me with the best of all things
and programmed my life to go in his
preordained direction
He is the pen writing upon the tablet of
my heart
He is the word alive in me.

I heard him knocking once
I went to the door but it was wide open
I went back to my bed and as soon as
I laid down, i heard the knock again
It was loud and distinct
This time I didn’t bother to get up
from the bed
I knew the knocking sound was not
from my door
So I waited
As I wait, I prayed in the spirit
Then he said “I am knocking doors

on your behalf at the places where
it matters
I am also knocking on your door on
behalf of those i have raised you to
Always remember this as you lead
my flock
You will need doors to open for
you and you will open doors for many
I will draw the weary to you, their
knocks will be feeble and silent
You must listen to their hearts with
your heart
I will bring glories that I have deliberately
prepared to grow with you
When they knock, it will be to you like
the knock of a good friend
Not the normal knock but a knock of
the initiates
When you encounter doors, I will open
them for you as long as you kept opening

your door to those I will draw to you
Opening doors lead to open doors
I said yes sir
Then He said, sing me a song
I opened my mouth and a new song came
Glory is your name
Glory is your being
Glory is your nature
Glory is your life
God of Glory, the joy of my life
The one who broke down the walls
and made a nation for his glory
The glory of my life, the lifter of my head
I see you enthroned in the high and lofty
Blessed be the one who fear you
Glory to the one who embraces you
Joy to the one who calls you Father
Wisdom to the one who brings others
to you
Your wisdom is unfolding in me
Your word is at work in me

You healed my bones and purged me
of all ills
You taught me the wonders of your
glory and made me the carrier of your
Plants saw me and danced
Animals saw me and rejoiced
They saw the glory of Adam in me
The glory of the one who redeemed
me from eternal damnation
I love your glory
I love your ways
I love your life

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