The Psalms of Teknon

August 2, 2021


The Psalms of Teknon to my God and my King.

Can your love be too big for anyone to get lost?
Can your love be too small for anyone not to get enough?
Who can love the way you love my Lord and my God?

Your love mesmerize me
I was lost but you found me
You have always been with me even when I thought you are far away in the east
Your love is my strength

I am not alone whenever I am with you
Where else do I want to be but your presence
Where my love is cherished and adored
Where my face is caressed and smile never leaves it
In your presence is the fullness of my joy!

My King and my Lord, your joy is not things
Nor is your peace can be compared to achievements
You are more than words to me
I delight in you Lord
You delight in me without barriers
He said to me “Me and you are stuck forever beloved”
Can I ever walk away from your presence?
Can I ever stop thinking about you, my Lord and my God?


The psalm of Teknon

My Savior and Redeemer

Before I come to know Him, I was rebellious
I was stubborn, heart hardened
He knocked at my door, daily he knocked!
I said “please stay away from. I am nothing but a sinner
Can’t you see I am worthless and nothing
I have no education
I have no good foundation
I am not good with words
I can’t even write a full sentence without an error!
What about finances? I can spend the investment and leave no profit left!
I can’t even finish a book without jumping to another
I love revenge, James bond’s movies are my best ideology

I don’t take nonsense”

He replied, “You can do anything in me. You can be anything in me. I will be your purpose and vision
I will turn the world to favor you
I will cause the oceans and the wild beast to bow before you
I will make you my dwelling place, like Obed Edom, nations will rushed to your home to know and see me
I will make you my tabernacle”

Then I said “I heard you are the one that punishes the son for his father’s sins
I was told even though you are full of love, you waste no time to discipline the ones that are closed to you!
You don’t forgive easily!
I saw how you dealt with the children of Isreal, are they not your children?
Why were you silent when the Babylonians

came with troops and shields?
Where were you when they sat at the riverside crying and lamenting?
What about Racheal crying for the deaths of her children? Are you not supposed to protect them?”

“Beloved, I love you. I will keep you. No harm shall come to you.
Your sins I will remember no more. I will give you a clean slate
I have forgiven you for the past, today even tomorrow.
I will love you for who you are
I will cherish every moment we spent together
If you give me seconds of your day, I won’t take a minute
I will love you for who you are
I will take away the pains and filled you with joy and peace
I love you, beloved”

I looked at Him.
He has answers to all my questions
He knew me before I know myself
I heard him say “before you are created, in time memorial, you have been chosen. I love you
I didn’t abandon you
Life might have shown you her side of reality, I am willing to take it all away if you permit me
I am love. I won’t force you but I am patience
I won’t stay away nor will I leave you
I will keep knocking until you opened up and even after the door is opened, I won’t shut you out
Little by little I will teach you my love and precepts
I will make the reality that caused you pain fade away and you will be the prolongment of my days on earth
I will live in you”

I cried. I wanted to run but he won’t let me run away
He stretched out his hand
They glow, they are beautiful and full of light
I couldn’t say “No”
I was tired
I was ready to be His and he has promised to love me for who I am

I held out my hand!
I rushed to his arms
I said “In your arms, I want to be for the rest of my days”
“I will never forsake you, Son.” He replied

I love you Lord
My heart yearns for you daily
You are the place I want to be daily
I love what you love
I hate what you hate
You are my love and my Lord
You are my God and my King
You are my Friend and my Father!

You are my Life, Jesus, You are my Life.

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