The Psalm of Shomer

August 3, 2021


Psalms of Paul
I was not searching for you, yet I needed you.
I was one without guidance, alone in the muddy soil, failing and kept on sinking.
You started drumming the beat of your love. I could not discern, yet, I kept sinking in the muddy soil.

My instinct became an instrument of darkness, many children sank with me, yet You kept on calling.
Suddenly, as the breeze at the oceanside, you swept over me at the dead of the night. That night, I lost the ability to sink, I took one step up.

The wind of your love soon overtook me. I lost it. I lost the wheel of my life.
No, I never had the wheel,
It had always been in your hands.
My plunging into the deep parts of the muddy soil could have been faster, but your love kept


The wind of your love rode itself into my heart,
The environment was no issue,
The swift wind had swept over them too.
Its touch caused an instant and drastic inner change.
I never called,
You called me. I could not let go ever since.

You gave it all for me. Your Spirit ignited mine,
I came out of the muddy soil.
I found myself in your waters instead,
You whispered to me, “Swim, My son, Swim”. I yielded, howbeit, slow. Yet, You never withdrew the water.

The water has flowed from my bank and has brought many sons to you.
You showed me, love. I am mirroring Your Love for the world.
I will forever love You, my Source.



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