The Psalm of Oluwatoyosi

August 2, 2021


Psalms of Oluwatoyosi Eniola

In my tears and despair,
In my agony and deep troubles,
You called me, It was faint but I heard it still, I didn’t respond but you went further, you reached out to me,
You called me your most loved Child, Great is your gain, though, you seem desolate and forgotten, I have remembered you, I have redeemed you, I have removed your pains and clothed you in honour.
So here I am in your presence, my Abba! Dwelling constantly in fellowship with you my maker, the lifter of my head, the one who turned my mourning into dancing, gave me a new name with new instructions, Daughter of Zion, bring many out of the dark hole into the

redeeming light where you now abide.
Expressly, I do your will, I dispense these verities as you would have me do.

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