The Psalm of Olutunse

August 2, 2021


The Psalm of Olutunse

Ever since I could make sense of anything and everything,
I contemplated You
I wondered about Your genesis
I considered Your origin
And pondered by what You uphold and oversee all
To my young mind, nothing begins without nothing
All that the eyes see, and the mind conceives
couldn’t fathom how another can exist without being brought about by another
The more I examine all,
the more I conclude that nothing about creation was an afterthought.
Nothing about the world was a second thought
Nothing about me is accidental
Absolutely nothing about You is an afterthought
Indeed, the Gospel reveals and Your love attests to the very fact that,
before, before was, and pride came, before Adam became and fell; before even all that
time has revealed
You knew me
Loved me
Contemplated me
Fashioned me
And deemed me worthy of being Yours
How else could I make sense of anything without Your love
I transverse what the mind could possibly comprehend, same as You,
because You qualified me before I was
Your Sovereignty is supreme, as is eternal
My Good Shepherd, You laid down Your Life before time,
that I may have life timelessly
I contemplate You still
Daily I ponder You, I ponder Your Compassion
That the One that dwells in timelessness
Loved and bestowed Eternal Life to me before time
I now share and transverse eternity with You in Glory
I glide time gladly discovering the eternal treasures You prepared for me before the foundations of the world
Thank You, the Uncreated Creator, the
Governor of my soul.

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