The Psalm of Mercy

The Psalm of Mercy
August 2, 2021


The psalm of Mercy

Thursday, 27th July, 2021

Dear God,

I tried writing a poem, but I guess I am not a poet.

Thank you for Everything, at every turns you opened doors unto me.
Your ways are pure and true.
You never fail or count my weakness against me.
You love me despite me.
You grant me victory at every sides, you declare me a Victor when a victim is expected.
Your love leaves me in awe at every manifestation.
You filled my life with ease and peace, why won’t I rejoice?
You decked me with beauty and pride even in my lowly state.

At every stage you made my bath full.
You make my heart leaps for joy.
The hairs on my body moves in Hallelujah at the sound of your Name.
They stand at easy when your Spirit moves.
Oh God! How Great thou art!
You are Great and your Greatness removes all fears
Your Greatness moves mountains
Your Greatness breaks barriers
Your Greatness set Captives free
Your Greatness lifts limitations
Your Greatness strengthens me.
You are Great.
From ages to ages, generation to generations, despite Modernization and technology, you remain all powerful and the only God, The same God.
Technology improves men grow and make findings with the understanding they long have about You which never changes, You remain Unsearchable!

You remain mysterious to them and made Yourself known in divers ways to Your Children.
Oh Great God. You uniquely deal with Your Children. Your ways are not Predictable.
Your Voice moves like waters and roar like the bodies of water.
Oh Yes, I remember Your Spirit has told me He is the Voice of many waters.
No wonder it’s soothing, it moves, it melts,, it molds, it refreshes, it renew, it create and repair.
Your voice brings comfort and peace like a river.
Oh how sweet is your voice that moves past my ears and it stands in reference to the sound.
Your voice brings succour and calmness.
I Love you Lord!
I Love you God
I Love you my Father and Friend.

Yours in Love
Mercy Itunu

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