The Psalm of Kelilah

August 2, 2021


A Psalm of Kelilah

To the One that RSVP’D me on the right side of the Father.

How wonderful and pleasant it is that I am your address!
You christened me! Oh you named your name on me!
How powerful it is that I am anointed of You, just a drop and it’s turned into the greatest

waterfall pooling into an ocean of Your verities.

Who am I that you made me above angels and everything else?
I am a Son, King and Priest that’s a crown and honor unto You.

Wrapped in this cocoon of Your love, Your presence I will never leave. It is here that I dwell.
Right where you were hung, the greatest trade by barter occurred.
All of You for me.

People stare at me, I thought they were stargazing but I am quickly reminded that they are Godgazing. I didn’t realize that I am gradually becoming You.

~ Kelilah (Fatimah Etti)

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