The Psalm of LevTahor

August 2, 2021


What would I do without your love mighty God?
Oh sweet Jesus what could I do without you?
You bore my sins upon your Holy Being just so I should cry no more, it’s your precious blood that wipes my tears and fears…
Oh you endured so much pain that my joy may be full….
You were bruised, mocked and whipped for my sake….
Oh my lovely Saviour, you took my ugliness upon you, that today I should stand in the

beauty of your glory…. Oh Saviour what manner of God re you I ask? Who is like unto you? Who can I compare to you?
I searched to the ends of the Earth for a Heavenly love like yours…hmm, and such search was in futility!
There was and is still no other like you, loving like you!
Oh sweet Jesus, how wonderful you re, darling Jesus, what am I without you? Nothing, I am nothing, nothing without you.
Yours is the life I live, the very air I breath is you, my very being is you, you are my glory…
I shine bcos your light is upon me, I adore you, I love you forever and a day Lord. I can never stop loving you. You re

so caring, so beautiful…you teach me your ways so that I may not falter…. When I failed to reciprocate your love towards me, you didn’t stop loving me….I mean you literally came down from Heaven for me, oh what a magnificent love….with sadness in your eyes you asked me why I didn’t love you? I remember how speechless I was, I search the depths of my heart, expanded the length and breadth of my soul and yet there was no answer….
What is there not to love in One so gracious, so benevolent, so merciful, so patient?
But here I am today sweet Saviour, saying I love you.. that I cannot live without you, I don’t even wanna try…I m saying my body, soul and everything belongs to you…I give you my all! More of you and less of me…I ll never make you sad again oh Shepherd of my soul.

In your sweet and powerful words I m comforted, despite the storms upon the sea of life I rest peaceful upon the safety and saving grace of your sweet love…. I know you ll never forsake me or leave me alone…your love changed me, from a slave to a princess, you ve made me joint heir with you to your Kingdom…..oh glory alleluia…I sing and dance!!! Your words to me I dwell upon day and night, they are far more precious to me than the treasures of this temporary world. I can never be helpless or hopeless again cos you re mine, my defender, my shield and my fortress. Oh that I could repay you for your tender mercies and love towards me, but nothing I ve ll ever be enough… But take my heart dear Jesus, bask in the euphoria of my love and adoration of you! With my mouth I ll

sing your praises my mouth ll testify of your love and goodness, you re the melody my soul rejoices in, I withhold nothing from you, Author and Finisher of my Faith. I only ask since you give me all things, that all people will come to know and love you as I do….
I love you, sweetest love of my life I truly do.


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