The Psalms of Joaquim

August 2, 2021


The Psalm of Joaquim

To the one who embraces me

Laughter envelopes my mouth
Warped by the thoughts of you,
Like a miner, deep in the trenches of a mine

Consumed with fear, inconsolable
Fixated on the nocturnal effects of the deep
Saturated by the ore.

I often wondered, why such darkness when light abounds
With this You came rushing in with your warmth
Saying, I give life, take it, own it, use it.
Crystallized in you is Me, from the cradle to eternity, one thing remains clear, you excel.

Your words cover me,
Swaddled in the blanket of Your kiss
Overridden with the graciousness of Your ambience.
I thought cupid could shoot arrows,
But you, my love, are the Archer of ages.


A psalm of Joaquim
The King Maker

Journeyed to Golgotha,
Stripped of repute,
Yet tagged King.
Died as a King so I could be enthroned.

All tribes understood the insignia
Where curse resided, glory birthed.
The brink of death gave life to the one who asked, paradise became accessible.
So swift is your promise, In Barabas, mercy conquered judgment.
Crucify him they said, enthrone him, enthrone us I heard.
On a colt never mounted he waltzed into Jerusalem, in a grave never laid he conquered death.
A price for the victory is my scepter, a joy for the glory is my throne.
I lay hold on the content of the scroll, as he is, so am I.

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