The Psalm of Isabella II

August 2, 2021


A Psalm for the one whose love is intentional.

My Abba,
It is amazing how words seem to fall short

when I need to write or say things that I feel about you, because there’s a part of me that realises that my words are inadequate to express just how amazing you are. Sometimes, when I think about you, I think about your presence, but not in the way that it is described, sitting on the throne. No. I think about you, walking hand in hand with me in a lush garden. Totally listening to my chattering and blabbering, nodding your head and not being distracted. Perhaps it is the fact that sometimes I see us seated on the bench, underneath a blossoming tree, and I am talking away, and you’re listening to me with a kind smile on your lips on your face as you nod your head to my words.
As I ask questions after questions, and you provide answers.
My Lord
You are the personification of love, oh! How I long to love you with every thing in me. Oh! I long for a deep hunger for you. One that is

not driven by anything but the need, so desperately for you.

One of the most awesome things about you, is the fact that you are intentional about me
Lord, it is the intentionality for me. The precision with which you love me. Specifically, intentionally, without any borders. I am always amazed at how you pull me back from my head.
When I’ve gone too far into my head, too lost my head. How you gently nudge me and say “hey, that’s all right. I am here I am with you” .

I feel your hands as my small hands are rolled up in your hands and you hold me walking with me through this vast field of beautiful blossoming flowers. The wind of their fragrance wafting through the air.

I think of us, swaying in the wind. I am but a little child in your arms, as we move to the

melody of the winds.

I am giddy, I am excited .
Like a child ready for a party , I get dressed, rush out of my house to meet you. I immediately take your hands and ask “what’s for today lord “.
Skipping down the path along with you,as you teach me, oh so gentle are your words”.
You ask me “what’s for today baby girl”.
And I can’t stop talking about everything.
You throw your head back and laugh. Your laughter is rich, deep, and beautiful.
I am a child today. Yesterday , I was a young lady .
It doesn’t matter what form I take sweet lord, you remain the same:, brother, lover, friend, teacher, Abba.
And I, I am the one you love intentionally, the one who is pledged to you, the venerable one, the one who is led by you

Priscilla Isabella Osasumwen Omoruyi

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