The Psalm of Isabella I

August 2, 2021


Psalm Of Isabella Samuel – Adeyemo

My heart is never void, never with a gap
Since I received eternal life, my thoughts have been flooded with you
All day long, I ruminate on you, in every way conceivable
And With each thought comes fresh revelations of about you

You are beautiful, you are the source light, you illuminate me to illuminate others
Knowing you is an endless adventure,
one I am excited to be lost in
Our relationship is a never ending adventure I am thankful for

In this adventure I found my imagination is

being shaped and patterned after yours,
It is being cleansed from all the filth it ever knew before it encountered your transforming Light

I love the privilege you’ve given me to be summoned into your throne room always,
Summoned as the bird of your presence,
The one you enjoy being entertained by,
You fill my spirit with new songs, songs that carry your very presence and glory
Oh that heavenly orchestra you give each song life,
This is privilege I have been given, to entertain the King of Universe is one I will treasure forever

In all this, I am growing in you, I am becoming more aware of you, of your presence, glory and person
I am lost in the endless gift of your sweet embrace
And right here is where I want to be

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