The Psalm of Havilah

August 2, 2021


A Psalm of Havilah

Oh how precious thy love is towards me.
For generations to come, I will sing of thy lovingkindness that found me even before I could understand what it was about.
I will sing of how you lifted me far above my dreams and passions.
How you carried upon the wings of the wind to thy side.
I constantly rejoice of how you brought me out of darkness and you didn’t only bring me into light, you made me the light for me to see and follow to meet with you.
Now I can be bold and declare that not only are you my source but my sustainer
My King, my Master
My Lord, my ruler
My keeper, my defender
My helper and my deliverer
My desire and my lover.
Oh my My friend

Oh how wonderful you are
See how you picked a mortal child to dine with the entirely of immortality.
Now I sit with the immortals that existed before mortality began
You took away my history of immorality and washed me with the blood of your own precious son.
Look at me now, I have become like Him and He has deposited into this vessel of clay the heritage and properties of eternity
He dwells in me and I in him.
I have become like him and He has become me
In Him I live and move; and have my being.
Oh Look at me now, radiant, full of light, power and sound mind
Oh Look at what I have become
A land of good gold
A land of health and vitality
A land of dominion and power
A good land – Havilah

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