The Psalm of Francis

August 2, 2021


Psalms of Francis

My fair lover, the moulder if beauty and the painter of colours
The cords of my heart you strike with a touch so tender and pure, I willingly submit my all to you

You touched me with awe and brought me to a height so awesome, I now can see the wonders you’ve always wished for me
Oh, how I wasted time and futile effort trying to evade your calls.

Lover of my soul, knowing your tender loving feels is better than life
For the life you have, you gave in absolute measure, just for me
I am not lucky, I’m blessed to be a part of the divine
Sucking on terrestrial splendor and feeding off the essence of you

You call my name and for a moment, nothing else existed but you and I, straddled in a warm embrace I won’t trade for all the riches in this world and that to come
You’re patient and gentle with me, stroking every care I ever carry until I fall asleep in your presence

I see beautiful kaleidescope of colours, put together by the master artist
The grand weaver, weaving my intricates with the sure hand of one who sees the full picture.

I love how you love me, I love how you’re the center of my world.
I keep basking in what we have, assured that , it will never end
You’re my beginning, you’re the one who has decided that my end is with you
I’m afloat, carried by the wind of your mercy and kept by the assurance of your grace
You accepted me as I came, and showed my a better way
I love you my fair lover, I’m forever lost in you.

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